VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS » healthy + easy (bento box)

click to show more☟ Wholesome lunch ideas need not be complicated. I’ll share with you 3 healthy + easy + delicious lunch meals that also include an afternoon …


  1. Omg, I can´t believe how amazing you are. Thank you so much for giving me so many ideas! I´ve just discovered your channel and I´m really in love. Kisses from Brazil! <3

  2. darlene coplin

    Who knew vegan eating was so easy and simple. Thank you for sharing. I can't wait to start making these dishes.

  3. I am not vegan and doubt I will ever be but you actually made recipes that look good!

  4. Love your channel!!! Can you do a video on the breads you buy?! they look so delicious and healthy!!!

  5. I'm literally in love with this video. It's the best vegan recipes video I found so far!

  6. Can you make a version with cheap ingredients? I can only spent 50 euro per month for food

    Nutritionist & no fuss + delicious.

  8. people do realise that teaspoon measure's do exist?, and that those teaspoon aren't actually the right teaspoon measure?

  9. Louise Crivelenti


  10. Love your channel!!! Where did those cute bento boxes come from? Can you link them?

  11. Nabilah Rahmadita

    Your voice is soothing… I have ASMR lol what a calming one 🙂

  12. Editsofpeepz On ig

    Je hebt zo'n geen nederlands accent!

  13. Yay! You eat like me – vegan, lots of veggies, snacks and CHOCOLATE. Thanks for the inspiration!

  14. PietHein boeken tips

    Jumbo sells wholemeal wraps!!

  15. May I ask how come you seem to use olive oil often instead of, for example, canola or flax seed oil? I'm wondering with regards to aiming for a good omega 3 to 6 ratio.

  16. I'm so happy I just found this channel omg

  17. Michelle Nkedi

    OMG these meals look so yummy! New subby!

  18. have u found Whole grain wraps? an Option can be aldi. They have sometimes wraps/tortillas with, well more grain &, flaxseeds……from Trader Joe's ^^

  19. Tienda de Scrapbook

    Hi, thanks for your videos, where do you buy the boxes, the black ones?

  20. MrsStrawberry98

    This is the first video of you I watch and I love it! Subscribed! Santa maria has whole wheat wraps and no fairytales has carrot and beet wraps which are nice too!

  21. RosieLadyKnits

    Your videos are beautiful and very well done! My kids are on Summer vacation now, but I will be using your ideas and tips for our daily lunches or days when we pack up and head to the pool or park. Thank you!

  22. You're very pretty.
    Great vid, that sandwich in the first lunch looks good

  23. KeymieKey's Journal

    Looks amazing! can you close those lunch boxes? And if so, where can I find once like that :O 😀 <3

  24. I get these whole wheat tortilla's, they sell them at Jumbo and Plus and probably some other grocery stores. Not sure if they are vegan though

  25. MoneyIsFunny93

    omg, where are the boxes from??

  26. whole grain raps you can find in every Aldi supermarket, they are not really tasty though.

  27. Love your channel Sadia! Thank you for all your wonderful, helpful videos 🙂 Subscribed immediately! 😉

  28. Wow! love your channel. Just hit the subscribe button.

  29. NO WORDS!
    I love you and your channel.
    just discovered this.
    thank you!!!

  30. Nadine van Son

    Hi, love you videos! Just discovered your channel this week after recently becoming vegan (due to allergies) and I love your tips and advices! Definitely going to try some of these recipes 🙂
    By the way Im Dutch and as far as I experienced wholegrain wraps can be found at (bigger) Albert Heijn stores from their own brand or Santa Maria, normally you should be able to find them in biostores as well 🙂 they are called meergranen in Dutch 🙂

  31. Is this enough protein?

  32. Lotte van der Zanden

    I love your bento boxes, they are very inspiring for my own meals as well as those of my toddler. It did surprise me that you used raw beans for the miso salad, because they contain toxins when uncooked. You might want to warn viewers to eat these in moderation.

  33. Wondering how to make sure the avocado stays green and the sandwich doesn't get soggy from the water in the veggies. Every time I cut an avocado in the morning, it's brown by lunch time(even when using lemon juice; doesn't keep from browning and just adds an unwanted tart lemon taste). Any advice for storage for someone who makes lunch in the morning for work so it doesn't get gross 6 hours later?

  34. It looks so good ! I love it. You do a great job, thanks for inspiration 🙂

  35. Matilda Noname

    Je woont in Nederlands ! Ik leer Nederland 😀
    Just discovered your channel and it's soooo interesting !!
    Love from France ^^

  36. Where are you dinner ideas !???? Pick Up Limes

  37. I love this! and those cute pepper crushers, but I dont like ground cumin 5:59 it gives me headache :0

  38. Shira Ruth Rosado

    because, chocolate. 😀

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