Vegan School Lunches which are healthy, easy, delicious and so filling! Pia’s Video: Her …


  1. What wraps do you use? Please get back to me on this

  2. Great ideas and I love this video! You're not very good at wrapping tortillas though lol.

  3. this really helped me out because I became a vegetarian 2 years ago and I haven't been able to eat school lunch since then so thank you so much

  4. What's the song that was playing in the beginning? I love it.

  5. you have a strange accent where are you from?

  6. I'm not going vegan but I've been struggling with starving for three years and this video is very helpful by giving me recipes for foods I could eat without feeling I am gaining a lot of weight.

  7. Woah I clicked on your video not realising our names! Hi twin! (I really enjoyed your video by the way hah)

  8. i tried the potato and chickpea burgers. so goood I'm making another batch for school!:D

  9. i thought mayo wasn't vegan?

  10. Wow. Really enjoyed watching this video. Thanks for sharing those recipes. I've been vegan for one month now. And it's been hard combining things to eat. But you have helped me out greatly. Thanks.

  11. Unless the bread has no eggs, milk, and butter

  12. Mayonnaise is not vegan and bread is not vegan

  13. absolutely loving your videos recently!!!!

  14. gabriela pop bloander

    1st song?

  15. her voice is so calm omg i love it

  16. The soy sauce you included in the video is the one I also used to use ,I'm vegan too . I found out the other day it actually includes anchovies ! :/ great video though ! Xox

  17. you kinda look like deborah ann woll :> which is a complement, i think you're both gorgeous. also great recipes!

  18. Really usefully video. Can defiantly see me making the burgers and wraps. Thanks :). Keep these coming

  19. Thank you for sharing! I just wanted to let you know I´ve started a youtube channel about me struggling with anorexia. It would really mean a lot if you would check it out! 🙂

  20. Sierra Issecretlyacat

    Not to be an ass but you wrote luch in the intro

  21. KrossfitwithKristen

    the strawberry wrap looks so good! Love this video:)

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