VEGAN SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS! // easy + high protein

healthy, easy, and high protein vegan lunch ideas! ☆FOLLOW ME ON INSTA- ‘THRIVING ON VEGAN’ EBOOK IS OUT!


  1. i found a better Gordon Ramsay

  2. Thank you for this!! I’m going vegan and I also do sports so I was worried about protein intake but these all look so good

  3. Éloïse Chartrand

    Do you work? 🙂

  4. I really want to become vegan but I don’t like many vegetables
    I am trying them more and more to get used to them but I was wondering if you had any tips I could use xx

  5. Laura van der Tuuk

    I saw one of your video’s a year ago and it inspired me to go vegan… happy one year anniversary to me

  6. that scramble would be so bomb with some potato

  7. 1:07 "i kinda like em big so its a little chunky" moto moto is that you?

  8. amelia charlotte

    hey guys!! im a new youtuber and would love if you watched my videos and subscribed:) (if you dont like these comments please feel free to delete<3)

  9. I am definetly trying these!!!!! sooooooo good!! this makes me wanna go vegan

  10. I'm in college so I'm so going to try these

  11. very random question but for how long can you keep the baked sweet potato (in the fridge?)?

  12. Ruby Rembiszewski

    i loveee the chickpea salad!! i like to use mashed avo as my fat and add celery salt as my mom would do when she made the non-vegan version :)))

  13. I really wanted to make the change to go vegan and I wasn’t sure what I should bring to school for it so this was rly helpful

  14. uhm…actually why do u like Harry Potter so much?

  15. These recipes look really delicious ❤️ !

  16. I can’t stand being vegan only because I can’t do it myself. I would love to and I love the health benefits and the benefits for animals but I just can’t bring myself to do it. Lol I do want to start adding more veggies to my diet so this helps lol

  17. We in Finland have free school lunch & they cater to everyone (dairy-free, vegan, vegetarian, allergies etc.) but I'll still try all of these out and eat them from dinner 🙂

  18. I love videos like these! vegan on a budget meals, meal prep, school lunches, everything!

  19. Who else liked the video before it even started?

  20. Please do more recipe videos like this. I absolutely love them and I just really want to explore the vegan lifestyle

  21. guess who went vegan… meeeee

  22. do u like nutritional yeast? i see so many youtubers pack it on but i’m not sure how i feel about it

  23. Why did YouTube recommend this to me? I’m not vegan I’m a meat eater I love the taste of it.

  24. This is so inspiring!❤️❤️

  25. These all look sooooo good!!! Also its amazing that your nearly at 100k!! You so deserve it

  26. I just tried the chickpea salad sandwich and It’s amazing!!! 10/10 recommend

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