VEGAN SCHOOL BREAKFAST IDEAS || Quick, easy & healthy!

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  1. thrivingonplants

    Hi everyone!! Here's another video that has been requested by a few of you so I hope you find it helpful. They're quick & easy to make, healthy and most of all really delicious 🙂 As usual FULL RECIPE can be found in the description box, enjoy!
    *EDIT* Also THANK YOU SO MUCH for 100k subs! The endless love and support you give me is absolutely incredible and I'm so grateful for you all. Will continue to make great and even better content for you all to enjoy 🙂

  2. you should make some more personal videos! like q&a's it would be good to get to know the person behind the videos

  3. where do you get your coconut whipped cream? i haven't been able to get my hands on it so i just make it

  4. yesssss! Can coconut milk or other plant milk be substituted for the almond milk and what about steel cut oats instead of regular oats? Thanks for your response.

  5. I am drooling at the sight of all of these, that vegan banana French toast looks INCREDIBLE! Thank you!

  6. loved the oats and french toast ideas, def gonna try, thanks a bunch!:)

  7. Is there a reason you tend to use rice malt syrup over maple syrup (or other sweeteners) ?

  8. in love with your videos <3

  9. They all look delicious! 😀

  10. Danielle Goldbaum

    Would love to see some nut free school lunch box ideas for kids 🙂 luv ur videos

  11. Paula Fernández Ángel

    CAN'T WAIT TO COOK IT! 😀 transitioning into vegan. This looks damn delicious. Thank you! <3

  12. Ur accent is so cute , loved the video as always ❤️

  13. These all look so delicious and satisfying! ❤

  14. Such a nice video again, very creative, beautiful and simple recipes!

  15. Love this, everything looks yummy and amazing 😀
    Can't wait to try it :)) <3

  16. The Bookish Pensieve

    They all look so yumm!

  17. I still find the banana subsititute for eggs fascinating! Great video as always! 🙂

  18. cant find the exact recipes..

  19. Fatin Insyirah Ang


  20. Perfect video like always <3

  21. Elin Victoria Tollin

    Thank you for making these videos! So inspiring!

  22. Everything looks so incredibly delicious!

  23. what vegan butter do you use? i use nuttelex for margarine substitute. is that okay?

  24. Embrace Yourself

    Dammit, the french toast looks soooo fluffy ! And the smoothie omg ♥ Need to try it out ! Especially with summer coming on ! And congrats on your 100k ! You deserve it so much

  25. cant believe these are all healthy!! soooo good!

  26. Hi! I was wondering if you could do a video on some breakfast ideas that are savory instead of sweet other than the typical tofu scramble because I'm so bored with it!

  27. SharrallynHeartzChu

    Thanks for always inspiring us! You're a big help in helping me to transition to a vegan! Love your videos!!!!

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