making vegan scallops from king oyster mushrooms is easy. This dish is full of flavour and texture combined with spaghetti, crispy kale, and pomegranates in a …


  1. those are pretty cool tatoos

  2. I'm using this recipe but using real scallops. (Fun fact: scallops, mussels, oysters and clams are among the few animals in the animal kingdom who are insentient)

  3. you've been belled

  4. i absolutely love you two.

  5. Can someone help! I'm buying a Vitamix, and I'm looking to save some money. I want to know if I need to the standard blender or can I get away with the 2-speed blender? Is it all the same or do the extra voltage make a huge difference?

  6. Green Is The New Lean

    This looks sooooo good.

  7. DEFINITELY trying this…

  8. kaleidoscopicmind5

    Ok I feel like an ignoramus but I never thought about scallops/mussels/clams being no no for vegans


  10. awsome recipe XX so original! XX

  11. Lauren, you're cute as fuck. I'm just trying to be a little like you when I grow up. Haha. <3

  12. I love this recipe!! Going to give it a try!

  13. my husband & I are both omnivores but I love making your recipes for meatless Monday or when all I have in the fridge are produce or grains in the pantry. I've made this particular recipe it's delish… Do you think you could veganize or make this particular recipe better? mock fried oysters (tofu is used) :

    I liked your "oyster" po boy sandwiches.

  14. I'll be one year vegan in April and I have you guys to thank for making the beginning of my journey so much fun! A month or so into it and basically having survived on bananas and bread, you made me so excited and proud to be vegan! I'm getting more and more comfortable in the kitchen every day and I absolutely love cooking now. You both motivate and inspire me so much with your creativity! Can't wait for the cookbook :)

  15. Can you use apple cider vinegar instead of the rice wine vinegar? Bc I don't have rice vinegar, white wine vinegar, or rice wine vinegar :c

  16. Lauren to John: "Love you."
    Me to myself: heart exploding
    wow I'm lonely

  17. wow !!! that looks great

  18. looks amazing !  I wouldn't know where to find those mushrooms though

  19. YUM! This looks so good!

  20. Thank you Hot for Food! This looks absolutely amazing and I will definitely be making it soon :)

  21. please do a video on how to make vegan mozzarella cheese sticks !! you guys are the only ones with a recipe i would trust !!!

  22. Beautiful dish!!! can't wait to try it

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