Vegan Protein Salad for Weight Loss in Cabo! Healthy & Easy Recipe

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  1. hi bae.

  2. Yummy!

  3. Nice dish! Have a look at my recipes! I'm sure you will like it! ;-)

  4. It's obvious Yovana has changed. A weight loss salad with olive oil ??

  5. That looks SO good! I'm off to shop… Can't see edamame beans in the supermarket, but if you boil some baby broad beans and shell them, you get similar results. Thanks and enjoy Cabo xx

  6. Wow this looks delicious! What beans would you recommend using instead of kidney beans? I really don't like them or other brown beans. Every other bean type I do enjoy. Oh and I love your top so much

  7. DO NOT call this a weight loss recipe if it has oil in it!!! Oil is 100% pure refined fat and is very unhealthy.

  8. Is that a complete protein?

  9. Mette Lentz Bøckel Olsen

    Any substitutions for the jicama?

  10. Can't wait to try these And OMG your so pretty

  11. I'm now more than 1 year vegetarian. I really love it! but i noticed than my skin becomes lighter, 3 white spots ( i'm tinted) So i thouhgt it has somerhing to do with b12. should i go to a docter? please I need some good advice. I hope you have a greay day!

  12. How cool that they let you use their kitchen!! What was the reason of this trip? Thank you for inspiring us daily <3 Btw I really see you boothy getting bigger in a good way! Good Job xxxx Muah

  13. any vegans wanna support each other's channel? love you Yovanna

  14. love this so bold!!

  15. hey guys, my friend just made etsy shop and 5% of the proceeds go to the animal shelter. it would mean the world if you
    checked it out! thanks so much!

  16. Yummm!

  17. Mm mm mmm i just love lemon, avo and corn in salads

  18. can you please make more what i eat in a day videos??:))

  19. Cooking Lessons for Dad

    It looks delicious and so healthy!

  20. what happened to the corner of your mouth? Loved the vid xx

  21. just about a cup each jicama and cucumber?

  22. going to try this

  23. looks yummy! can't wait to try it. Thank you Yovana for always inspiring me with your delicious recipes❤much love and light your way✨

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