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21 Day Fix VEGAN Red Container Recipes with Tofu & Tempeh! Want more of these kinds of tips from Autumn? SUBSCRIBE!


  1. Lindsay Churchward

    Not enough beans and lentils for me. I don't want to eat meat every day.

  2. hey .. I'm new to the 21 day fix and as a vegetarian ( veganish) I'm trying to figure out how to do this on my diet .. wondering though why seitan isn't included as a protein ?

  3. Vegans need other options besides tofu. I do my best to stay away from soy products. Exactly how much protein is she accounting for with the tofu? We get protein from leafy greens (1 cup kale = 4g protein) Maybe do an extra protein shake (+20g protein)? Eat quinoa as our carb for the complete protein (1/2 cup=4g protein). Plus nuts/seeds. Ah, I think I'll be fine without the tofu.

  4. Only 4 options? I am a Celiac… but still I am surprised you did not mention the option of Seitan Autumn. That is a HIGH protein low carb Vegetarian and Vegan protein option. These recipes do look lovely and clean! Please do an update video on Veg options. Thank you.

  5. BLAND

  6. that Tofu dish looks so Delicious 🙂 hope you make more Vegan videos 🙂 LOVE YOU

  7. What a excellent video! 🙂 Keep up the good work 😉 Hugs from Sweden

  8. It would be great if you could share some SOY free options for those of us who can't have it….

  9. I want to avoid soy like the plague since it messes with hormone levels. Can I use Seitan instead? Also how do I make sure I'm getting enough iron?

  10. Abu Jason Al-Blahino

    this is white people food in a nutshell

  11. CopperColoredLifestyle94

    She know damn well that shit don't taste good. nothing but tofu. YUCK!!!

  12. I'd rathet eat lentil, beans, chickpeas and less process proteins

  13. YAY! So happy about this video! :-D

  14. Let's encourage Autumn to offer only vegan recipes- better for your health, better for the environment, better for the animals! :)

  15. Thank you for showing us some options! We vegans definitely appreciate your efforts :)

  16. what is the net carb to protein ratio I need to look for in vegi burgers to make sure they count as a red? vegi burgers vary in carb content.

  17. I cook a lot of tofu and tempeh dishes, but these look flavorless.

  18. Hi I have a question that I can not find an answer for.  I am waiting for my box to come of the 21 Day Fix, hopefully Saturday!!!  I am reading and watching all I can in preparation for its arrival!!  I am mostly vegetarian and I am VERY lactose intolerant.  I do use almond or coconut milk.  Can I substitute the Greek yogurt with almond or coconut yogurt? What about the rest of the cheeses?  It may be in the booklet when it arrives but I'm trying to set my shopping list early.  Thank you, Lizz

  19. I would rather watch an explanation of why low carb, high protein. Our bodies run on carbs. 

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