happy hanukkah! I decided to make vegan latkes with sauerkraut in the mix as well as a lemon dill sour cream for dipping. SUBSCRIBE for new videos every …


  1. can we buy the ebook, i already have the cookbook 😀 !

  2. This looks like German "Reibekuchen" which is basically hasbrowns but the dough made of potatoes, onions, (egg), flour, nutmeg, salt and pepper (so its this recipe minus dill and sauerkraut plus nutmeg). I guess this makes sense, because a lot of Jews emigrated from here in the 30s and 40s.
    The only difference really is, that I dont know a recipe that calls for drying out the potatoes and onions but instead embrace the liquid and mix it with more flour for a batter-like consistency.
    Here in Germany it is typical to eat "Reibekuchen" with smoked salmon (I guess we can skip that) or mashed apples (called "Apfelmus").

  3. I thought that you said fry for 45 min, and then flip and fry them for another 45 min, I was like wtf thats a looooong time 😀

  4. that nut milk bag gets a lotta use around here

  5. My naturopath told me that jarred sauerkraut actually doesn’t have any probiotics! Apparently it been pasteurized or something and it kills all the bacteria. You have to buy the fresh sauerkraut from the health food stores to get the probiotics.

  6. i have one question. how is it with frying in olive oil. i have understand that olive oil is antioxidant and healthy as long as not heated for example extra virgin olive oil should be even in dark bottle its not affected by sunligt. what oil are you using people. virgin oil or classical olive oil? Canela oil the same i have researched and found out its also very bad option for frying. i mean the results are always amazing if im doing in oven something with olive oil or coconut or other oil. you always noticed best taste result have always the olive oil.But its probably to good to be truth to be good for the health as well.

  7. looks delish thanks for inspiration. trying out tonight

  8. Awesome recipe. Can't wait to try out these "Rievkooche" – as we call latkes where I'm from.

  9. a great video. you need to have a cooking show and a vegan cafe in LA. Thank you for sharing great vegan recipes.

  10. The fun thing about being vegetarian is you're pretty much almost completely kosher automatically lol

  11. MarVi Shumaker-Pruitt

    I will absolutely be making these for Hanukkah

  12. You’re so good

  13. You lauren are hands down queen. Just queen. I want to say vegan queen but its too .. just not enough. And you eating makes my heart smile.

  14. Good food but because the recipe isn't oil free I won't be making it because research shows that oil increases the risk of developing heart disease and I want to avoid that.

  15. The Fat Melts Away

    Keep up the great content. Thanks for sharing. My stomach is growling now thanks lol

  16. looks dill-icious!

  17. How do I get Hot for Holidays if I already purchased your cookbook?

  18. Charlene Chamberlain

    If I already got a iBook version of the book, can I still get the free holiday ebook?

  19. Lauren you have bumped up my life as a vegan 100% with your over the top highest level recipes! Much gratitude !

  20. These are really good with wholegrain mustard! Either put in the mix or just spread on top they're super yummy and it goes well with the sauerkraut

  21. Do you soak the cashews first for the sour cream?

  22. when are you opening a restaurant in Toronto?? 😉

  23. What if I bought your cookbook in store and don’t have the receipt anymore?!!? That’s not fair!

  24. queen of making latkes

  25. I am confused. Growing up (in the 70's) my mom made latkes but they were super thin like a tortilla (she finely grated onion and potato into ice water then drained and dried them before adding other ingredients) and we ate soft boiled eggs and cooked spinach in them. Nowadays folks make them and they are thick like potato pancakes. Just not sure about which way you make a latkes? I suppose the way they taste the best, LOL.

  26. As you suggested I fried them 45 minutes on each side, now I have to look for another flat 🙁

  27. I have your book already 🙂 id love your ebook

  28. Love the idea of the sauerkraut mixed in!

  29. Really like the addition of sour kraut…great idea……Great appetizer too!

  30. These look SO yummy!! I remember trying one in school in like 2nd grade haha but havnt had one since!

  31. Why you always talk with your mouth full? it's disgusting..

  32. Yuuuummmm!!! These look so delicious! I will never argue with fried potato ANYTHING!

  33. Girl I already have your book, how can I get the ebook by itself? TAKE MY MONEY.

  34. Half-Assed Health Nut

    I just got both of your cookbooks and I'm so excited! Like a fat kid who was just given a big bag of candy!!! Bam! Badadadada Bam suckas! Thank you Lauren!

  35. omg so crispy!!

  36. You really out do yourself every single time Lauren! You are so creative and intelligent. Your recipes each week are amazing! This potato and sauerkraut latke looks so good!!!! Omg I need to make this ASAP! Just thinking about this recipe makes my mouth water.

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