VEGAN PHO » easy vietnamese noodle soup

When there is no pho restaurant in sight and you’re craving a bowl, just know you can always make it yourself! The only thing that’s as good as this noodle soup …


  1. Thank you for the recipe! Man good for you for moving to Netherlands. I'd love to live somewhere with greater work-life balance.

  2. please do a hair care routine video

  3. Aww, I love your channel so much! I'm not even a vegan but you inspire me to eat more vegetables. If you wrote a cookbook, it would surely become a best seller.

  4. Do you film such videos ur self? 🙂

  5. hey, I am allergic to mushrooms! so is there any substitute or I can leave the mushrooms out? please reply!!!

  6. What can I use instead of mushrooms? My family doesn't eat mushrooms and I really want to make this?

  7. Can u please do a video about the pots and pans you use or recommend

  8. Song title please?

  9. This is so delicious ! Thank you for the recipe !

  10. Watching you makes my heart happy! Thank you!

  11. Just what I needed, all of them together! Youre awesome, thank you!!!

  12. Really enjoy the background music 🙂

  13. Samruddhi Prabhu Desai

    Hi Sadia.. If i don't want to use a bouion cube what other option do i have?

  14. OMG you give in The Netherlands! 😀 Let's have a vegan lunche haha!

  15. Amazing. Speaking of amazing pho from Canada there is a gem of a restaurant in Calgary called Tamarind that has the best vegan pho I have ever tried.

  16. Omg you are really beautiful <3!!!!

  17. Oh woww Sadia how the hell can u find those star anise. I am Vietnamese as well as Hanoian but I can't find those in my local market lol =))

  18. I am in a funky mood today, so I decided to watch some of your videos again because you radiate positivity and that's just what I need right now. 🙂

  19. YUMMY!!!!

  20. Made pho using your recipe. It turned out to be sooo yummy… totally loved it. Thanks a ton..
    Please you should post such recipes more often… 🙂

  21. Your videos are calming to watch.

  22. Gurl. No. Simply no. I mean, I appreciate that you love pho and especially a vegan version. But the way you do it is not very authentic. I learnt how to do vegan pho from a Vietnamese chef. But there are a lot of videos on YouTube that also show you how to do this. Having said that, the video was done very well and you sound like a very nice person, which is why I hope for you to be able to learn how to REALLY make delicious vegan pho soup 🙂

  23. Sending love from Vietnam ❤️ I love your Pho Vegan recipe and I'll try to make it for my next meal!

  24. Thank you for the recipe. It's so hard to find good vegetarian pho. #vancouverisamazing

  25. Wow just found your channel. Amazing amazing AMAZING! Everything about it is so peaceful and beautiful. Can't wait to make some of your recipes. Do you have an ebook by any chance ?

  26. DUDE, I'm a student in a super stressful school, and obviously I have to get creative in the cafeteria because I'm began, but this and your other recipe/lunch/meal videos are so frickin helpful, thank you so much, Like i can't thank you enough 🙂

  27. Cracking video, as always 🙂 And many thanks to Navina for making such a great song about limes 🙂 Already on my Spotify playlist 🙂 Sending Love x

  28. I've Lost Faith In Humanity

    I'm not vegan but I still look forward to try these!

  29. You do the BEST recipe podcasts. So much information! So helpful! So easy to follow! Thank you for being the smart woman you are!

  30. Hey, I love you and your lifestyle! I am also interested in minimalism. Minimalism lead me to Zero Waste, I wanted to ask if you are also interested in doing that?

  31. AMAZING!!!

  32. I love your hair like that. It's really cute. Love your channel ! I have a hard time finding some of these ingredients in my local stores. I have to go to Whole Foods I think to find some of this. I spent an hour at Krogers trying to just find Rice Cakes- they were shoved in a tiny corner on the bottom shelf. BUT I found rice cakes with "Ingredients: Rice." lol

  33. You can add cilantro root to flavour the soup, sugar crane to sweeten soup, and cilantro also goods to serve with Pho 🙂

  34. im from Bangladesh.i love your video <3

  35. Love this recipe! My meat loving family loves it too! Thank you!

  36. Metabolic by Chiara Middleton

    This recipe is incredible – So very delicious and fun to eat.

  37. broadwaywannabe1997

    I never ever comment on videos but I love your channel SO much

  38. I've been binge watching your videos ❤️and I'm really craving pho now 'pho' real hahaha

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