Just a few quick breakfast ideas I wanted to share.. ❥ Click SUBSCRIBE ❥ INGREDIENTS Banana Bread: 1 1/2 cups spelt flour (or regular) 2/3 cup raw sugar 1 …


  1. I really like your little smoothie blender and mine just broke….what brand is that? Can u tell me please. Love your vids so much.

  2. what is your blender called?

  3. Could i use garbanzo bean flour instead of spelt flour? I just got a bag of garbanzo bean flour lol. I also have all purpose flour.

  4. I just love avocado sandwiches and this one looks amazing ❤️ thanks for the cool recipes

  5. Everything kilos amazing!! Wanna try it all 🙂
    Thank a for sharing it

  6. nice video!! where did you get your blender?

  7. When you put things in the oven can you please say the temp in Fahrenheit too? Thanks

  8. OMG everything looked incredible! Thank you so much for all the great ideas girl!! LOVE THIS!! XOXO

  9. One thing I forgot to mention; prepare the chickpea dip the night before as well :)

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