Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff Pasta Healthy Dinner Recipe

Vegan pasta recipes are a family favorite. Vegan vegetarian mushroom stroganoff can be made with any type of pasta you want. This meatless dish recipe is …


  1. Where did you buy both the beef-like and chicken-like please? Thank you

  2. looks awesome….i would add some chopped tomatoes and parsley to mine..thaanx

  3. Went to the website for the vegetarian Express beef like seasoning. It has MSG in it – but using one of the "code names" to fool you. The killer of this product was the word "malt". I saw their other products which are also questionable. Like the White sauce which uses the code name "SPICES" …. we all know if it's cumin, it says cumin. Or paprika, it says paprika. Spices is allowed to add a small amount of MSG – just under the percentage where they have to write the actual word MSG. Nothing healthy about that. Try to reproduce those ingredients and make your own seasoning …. which wouldn't taste the same.
    MSG sells the product – not health!

  4. I can't find vegan sour cream in local stores

  5. This looks great and I will be making this soon. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You are from Montana that's awesome I'm from Idaho! is there a bigger vegan community where u live?

  7. Michelle Clipner

    You might also try cooking the pasta first and reserving a couple of cups of the pasta cooking liquid to use in your sauce instead of plain water. It will naturally thicken your sauce without the need for raw flour or cornstarch.

  8. Thank you for this! I recently went vegan, but my German side has me craving beef stroganoff. Definitely taking the comments suggestions and adding seitan or tempeh 🙂

  9. Crusty Tackleford

    Where did you get the beef like seasoning?

  10. with butter and sour cream how is this vegan?

  11. love montana  . I'm vegan

  12. Carolyn Catlover

    Is the recipe in written form somewhere? Do you have a link?

  13. Joseph Robinson

    can you make this without the sour cream ?

  14. Joseph Robinson

    can you make this without the sour cream ?

  15. Needs paprika!

  16. What's the name of the sauce in the bottle it's the organic sauce you used?

  17. I just found your videos and I subscribed. I love your simple cooking! Just how I like to cook too. I was wondering about the sour cream. Now I tried it when I very first went vegan and I hated it. Sour cream was my favorite condiment before so I was disgusted at the tofutti lol. It has been a couple years and I still have not touched it. I do wonder, do you enjoy it on its own as well or does it do better in cooked dishes like this?

  18. What can be a substitute for the sour cream?

  19. Thank you please keep the recipes coming, your awesome and it tastes sooooooooo good, thank you for sharing.

  20. Looks great I would add red wine Capsicums and strips of Seitan.

  21. Thanks I'm going to try this

  22. Ronnette Mckinnis

    Glad I found your channel. Subscribed !!

  23. Love this! Hope to try it soon

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