Vegan Meals High In Iron

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  1. im so AMAZE with vegan ppl! they can eat such amazing food like that, yummy, easy, healty and without killing animal

  2. That tofu looked like chicken for a second when it was done cooking

  3. Have a look at Indian cuisine…

  4. cute animal videos

    Jsyk: you dont have to be vegan to watch a vegan video. It's okay to learn something different

  5. jojo n n n n n n n n n n n

    why am I watching this?

  6. Yaaaam

  7. Can you make a recipes for celiac

  8. sandy and krezel plays and whatchings

    oh wow

  9. Vegan and Tasty are antonyms.

  10. whoah, that salad looks good tho

  11. Red chile flakes??

  12. Reggie Shmeggie

    If you're already anemic no meal will fix it. You have to take Ferrum in tablets to bring your Hb to a normal level.

  13. Brown rice can actually inhibit iron absorption, so white rice would be better for people looking to increase their iron intake. Otherwise, the recipes look delicious

  14. The Rageaholic

    Wouldn't it be easier to just kill all the vegans for the sake of humanity?

  15. make non-vegan one too …

  16. When your food smokes iron

  17. Colette Schultz

    IF i want iron, i eat iron

  18. martin brajkovski

    The best way to get iron is by smelting iron ore in a furnace

  19. Motherof TwoGirls

    Yes!!!!! Thanks so much

  20. Why the fuck do people get so offended of people who don’t eat meat? I love learning about what vegans eat. These things looked pretty bomb to me ☺️. I give them props for having such a healthy lifestyle

  21. Mellas Brugiatti

    So much vegetables for me

  22. These Asians won’t stop if they start one thing. They just want it all don’t they

  23. When you can't eat most meat so your vegan because allergies…thank you

  24. I'd like David Seymour to try this. 🙂

  25. Or u can just have a flinstones iron vitamin

  26. Great video and recipes. But that white border left and right is so unnecessary

  27. Laurel Blossom

    I love the concept of this because my low iron is the main fear I have on going vegetarian, but I am also a really picky eater (not by choice so don't come after me) so another video with different recipes would be amazing!

  28. GarrettDoesYoutube

    Im not vegan.. Why am i watching this? TBH I dont know.

  29. i wanna see something for good colesterol. mines been going down pretty fast for some reason:/

  30. my anemic ass has entered the chat

  31. Why is everything vegan or vegetarian all of a sudden??

  32. pen15 echo sauce

    Smiley face 😀

  33. Zapprozz Official


  34. The Dancing Squirrel

    It’s 3 in the morning, I’m not vegan, what am I doing here?

  35. Gross.

    Veganism is a sign of retardation. Abort all vegans today.

  36. Why im watching this im not vegan

  37. It's definitely not good to have alot of iron.

  38. I'm watching this while eating marinated smoky tofu and quinoa on a salad! Soooooo good!!! ❤

  39. How are you guys iron deficient, on a vegan diet I get twice the amount of iron I need it's actually a problem

  40. Fya The DC girl

    Now I’m hungry

  41. Rachel Hildebrand

    TASTY CHALLENGE – make a vegetarian chicken wing with the crispy crust

  42. Tasty has became a channel for vegans and gays!!

  43. Where is the oh yes part????

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