Hello Ladies, My name is Ula and I am a nutritionist. I made a video about how I meal prep every Sunday to prepare for the 3 dasy ahead! Share your thoughts in …


  1. I would like to request for breakfast meals that are easy to make for someone who is working and always on the go.

  2. Hi. Can one take soy milk?

  3. Hi, I was diagnosed with pcos 12 yrs ago, I read all I could find about it online, which was not much back then and followed it very strictly, basically I followed low GI diet, I got my periods regularly and had 2 beautiful babies naturally and easily. After I had my second baby which was 2 yrs ago I lost all the weight I had gained during my pregnancy n some more. But after a few months I just gave in n started eating everything I had deprived myself for 12 years. I had never eaten more then a slice of pizza all my life and sure enough I am at my highest weight now n haven't had my periods in several months. Going back to the diet seems so cruel. I was very pregnancy motivated now that's over, it's looking impossible to loose weight. ☹️☹️

  4. Hi Ula!!
    I thought tofu was bad for women with PCOS???
    I love tofu but have been avoiding it because of the plant estrogen.

  5. very nice video nice tips also checkout

  6. Thanks for the meal prep!
    Could you share what your favorite dressing
    Also the next meal with broccoli and potatoes were they just steams before?

  7. Just found your channel and I'm loving the recent vids! I can see you are super into health and fitness, I am too!! I just posted my first full day of eating video today, it'd be awesome if you checked it out:)

  8. Thank u so much Ula, i love Your videos so much ❤️

    I know you've addressed it before, but can you please make a video on soy? I'm currently going more plant based, but I'm really worried about all of the soy that I'm kinda forced to eat to get protein.. soy yoghurt for breakfast and tofu for dinner everyday just seem like too much.. so thank u for these recipes as well!! ❤️

  9. Loved the video !!! Really insightful

  10. Dayne & Tasha Swisher

    Awesome! We try and meal prep so that we can save both time and money and go on the offense to achieve our goals over on our channel! Thanks for the video!

  11. The sweet potatoes are Japanese sweet potatoes and they are my FAVORITE. So delicious!

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