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  1. I made the veggie stew and it's amazing 🙂 I added a bit of oregano too. Thank you so much for your recipes <3

  2. Blue eyes with black hair is the prettiest combo

  3. how is that u eat same type of food every day??? don't u eat anything else than these?

  4. José Luis Merchan

    Aria stark i found you!

  5. do you have a print out on these recipes?

  6. What kind of pans do you use?

  7. The Teenage Vegan

    I should start doing this method. I did a different meal week plan for myself this week so I could save time and money (from my mother's). But since I'm in school, I'll probably do this when there's no school for a full week or more.

  8. Love it, love it, LOVE IT!!!!!

  9. it seems sooo freaking expensive jfc

  10. Them chia seeds looked like they were died black lol

  11. Thanks for the ideas. I made the soba noodle dish today.

  12. What is the song called you use in your videos? Btw I enjoy your videos so much! x

  13. Your videos are much easier to do than many other vegan youtubers but as some of the ingredients are not so easily found in my country I have been having a hard time keeping up with meal prep.

  14. where can I get those bendo boxes? does anyone know if they ship to Poland?

  15. the app sucks nothing is free

  16. oh good heavens these were great!!! take it from an art school student: that's a life saver :)))) !!!! thank you so much!! ^_^ !!

  17. Xzavier Battistini

    your amazingly beautiful and that app is so useful

  18. I just subscribed and I am just so thankful for this channel . My girlfriend just turned vegan and we are both trying to lose weight together and its just awesome to watch useful videos that will benefit us. Thanks

  19. The link you posted doesn't work or redirect me

  20. your awesome i subscribed to your chanel N i also downloaded the app!

  21. Wow, I must say I'm amazed. Long time I searched for food video recipes that are not just "well put this and arrange it like that because I totally do that everyday". I'm not vegan though, but still find this very interesting and informative. Definetely going to try that recipe with soba noodles and stew with rice. I'm so glad I found your channel and your recipes, because on our college we have terrible lunches (and the so called "vegetarian lunches" are just..blah I've nightmares everytime I try to remember), so I started to make my own snacks and kinda don't eat what was very oily in the lunches. And I must say sometimes I even puked after the lunches.. .__. I'm sorry, I didn't want to brag here about our terrible school cantine. ^^" Anyway thank you so much x3

  22. Just discovered your channel. I love the recipes and content! Keep up the awesomeness!

  23. Your eyes are sooo pretty!

  24. Love the meal prep videos. quick inspiration!

  25. these look amazing. i was just staring in wonder at the idea that what you cook for dinner for the whole week would be my familys dinner for one night. thanks for the meal ideas!

  26. That veggie strew got me

  27. Great tips! Awesome video! I gotta get better at prepping for life in general lol! XOXO

  28. Thank you. but can we make the last recipe without tomato sauce??

  29. where did you get your bento boxes

  30. Most of the time I don't actually make these meals but I find it so aesthetically pleasing to watch the videos anyway

  31. Food looks great! Thanks for making the video!!!

  32. Food looks great! Thanks for making the video!

  33. Ok so I'm not a vegan but I have a friend that says she is but she eats fish all the time do vegans eat fish

  34. have you tried these bento boxes before? I want to meal prep, but i dont know which containers are the most cost effective

  35. Hi Liv! Can you do a $10 version of this? Well I live in a different country and $10 is my weekly budget for my food please make one because I want to be a vegan thank you so much btw I'm Filipino thanks

  36. This is so inspiring, but I'm just going to eat my pasta with sauce because I'm a lazy bitch.

  37. Hello! Tomorrow I have an exam, but you've got me addicted to your videos! I've just discovered you and I've just subscribed! The truth is I'm not vegan nor vegetarian, but I'm a person who doesn't eat much meat, so I've always been interested in becoming at least vegetarian. The problem is that I'm completely intolerant to pepper, and I've seen so many vegetarian recipes have it, and I have familial hypercholesterolemia, so the peanuts and coconut (oil) among others are pretty much forbidden for me. So I've always been kinda lazy to try and find alternatives…
    For now, I've loved some of your recipes so much that I think I'm going to try to slowly introduce myself to the world of vegetarianism through them.
    Love your videos, keep up the hard work! .x

  38. That app was misleading, you have to pay a really expensive subscription to do anything

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