vegan meal prep | fat loss recipes

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  1. I'm not even vegan (or vegetarian for the matter) but I love your videos and hearing you talking is kinda therapeutic for me!

  2. You look so pretty!!! love the hair and make up

  3. Hey Sam! You should look for oils in glass containers instead of plastic, the plastic can seep into the oil and then you put that on your skin. Just a little tip my naturopath recently shared with me!


  5. Please do a video on your makeup!!! Love it ! xx 🙂

  6. Sabrina Wisbiski

    More videos like this plzzzz

  7. God dam Sam James your fine as fuck

  8. Sabrina Wisbiski

    Yessss I love this after switching to the vegan life style! And I love thrive as welll (ordered today) Will def try these out

  9. I was watching this and Bruce's toy went off and my dog got up and panicked lmao

  10. Yum.. Love the soup and the oatmeal cup.

  11. My dog got so excited every time Bruce squeaked that toy lol.

  12. You look so beautiful, keep it up <3

  13. Tastes so creamy, haha !!!
    U r on a roll with the dirty talk today .

  14. Woww woww woowww so beautiful as always! xxoxo

  15. All about xxxxtra thick , haha !!!

  16. You should do some vlogs of you moving to Cali !

  17. Omg.. literally died at "extra thick"

  18. OK, please do a grwm for this look. CAUSE YOU LOOKIN LIKE A SNACK. (ps, can you tell me where you got your necklace?)

  19. Stephanie Martinez

    you are so perfect.

  20. Extra thiq

  21. omg your amazing! that tank top is so cute wheres it from?

  22. Yasss more videos like this!

  23. Girlllll rinse your beans first!

  24. ps will there be a June giveaway? ❤️ u

  25. whats ur fav protein besides womens best !! I need to buy

  26. I've been in the search for a top with simple straps like that, where did you get yours from? 🙂 great video btw definitely trying some recipes out.

  27. Have you ever ordered tofu from them and does it turn out ok?


  29. I was going to ask if you had a boob job but I just read the description lmao

  30. Girl your LOOK in this vid! :O

  31. sexykoreanchic123

    Your boobies look beautiful girl!

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