Vegan Meal Prep + Easy Back to School Lunch Ideas

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  1. Your videography is beautiful! Loved watching this vide.

  2. Thank you for saving my life with this video !!

  3. Maybe it is because I'm spanish and here lunch is bigger or something like that but if I ate that little I would loose 5 kg in the week

  4. Thank you very much for this video (and all the other ones, too!) A warm hug from Catalonia!!

  5. Just found you and so happy I did!

  6. I'm always scared about prepping rice because i got food poisoning from bad rice before . How long can you store it in the fridge for after it's cooked ?

  7. Let's Do Better Now

    Really need to improve my meal prep for the week. Thank you for the advice 🙂

  8. Bella, simpatica e bravissima! Ormai ti seguo sempre !! Bacione

  9. Deepthoughts Herenow

    Can you please tell me the suppliments you take as a vegan? I am also gluten free. I have noticed ive been getting long and painful periods could there be some things I am lacking such at vitamins or minerals? ?

  10. whats the proper way to reheat these meals?

  11. this is so great! so many different meals from the smae ingredients. Please make more videos like this! I get bored of food so quickly even if it's good food.. so I end up hating the food I'm eating by Thursday or not eating it 🙁 This is my way of cooking.. yaaay 🙂

  12. I've tried going vegan a few times, but this time with some of your recipes, I'll stick to it!

  13. Your videos are so well made! I've uploaded my first video 'what I eat in a day to lose weight' I'd love you to take a look!

  14. OMG— all of it looks delectable!

  15. Samantha Aldridge Dorsey

    I don't really care for tahini, would a peanut butter sauce be a good substitute for the Buddha bowl? I love your channel btw!!!

  16. sweet p you should open a restaurant.

  17. great meal ideas…thank you. Does Tahini need to be refrigerated? I refrigerate mine, then when i go to make a dressing it is to thick to mix. I would rather keep it room temp, but not sure if it is ok?

  18. I love the enchilada recipe. Thanks for sharing a variety of meal prep ideas.

  19. Renee's Catalog look for Less

    Thank you for sharing!!! Can please do step by step video making thanksgiving dinner. I've been a vegan for two months now, and the big holidays are coming up!!!! I don't know what to do…please help my vegan sister!!!!!!!

  20. help what's tempeh

  21. These are great, going to add to my rotation. Quick tip put your grains on top and they do not soak up you sauce!

  22. Mmmhmm, I see those FabLunch containers.

  23. So much love for you/your videos

  24. I wish we had a thrive market.

  25. I love your channel and I would happily eat ALL of these, but when I think of "back to school" I think kid-friendly. These are not really kid-friendly. 🙁

  26. Jake And Sarah Health Nuts

    All of these look great and I would eat them all everyday. Thanks again for more great stuff. We have weekly recipes if anyone needs more vegan ideas.

  27. I LOVE your recipes and Im looking forward to trying the enchilladas! I love playing with your recipes and making them my own w a lil switch of an ingredient or two and it always comes out superb!

  28. I'm a new subscriber and look forward to more of your videos! Loved this one! 🙂

  29. What is the song at 2.48?

  30. the dòmbe faylür

    I like how you market Miss !!

  31. I swear that's like the tiniest bowl ever

  32. Green Is The New Lean

    These really are some good ideas. I hope to try them all.

  33. I couldn't stop staring at her teeth. WOW so white and pearly

  34. Hey! Just letting you know that the link that you've provided to thrive market does not work :/

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