VEGAN MEAL PREP – $1 meals

High-carb low-fat food preparation on a budget. Simple, cheap and nutritious plant-based meals to save you time, money, and energy. Easy student-friendly …


  1. awesome video! well done mate. keep up the great informative content

  2. Now I know what he looks like xD

  3. Just found your channel. Great job! One misconception of being vegan is it's an expensive lifestyle, your video proves it doesn't have to be.

  4. xtra thumbs up for you for discussing food safety! BRAVO!

  5. loved the video! thanks!

  6. looks awesome

  7. Miam, miam… I loooove your vidéos!! Ce soir pour moi c'est Buddah bowl: Salade, tomates, pois chiches échalotes, vinaigre de Xeres. Bon appétit !! :)

  8. Thx for sharing. I have a question, aren't the chickpeas cooked more than two times when meal prepping? I mean, they are cooked once before canned, you cook them a second time with the tomato sauce, then it is warmed up a third them when you want to eat it. Is there no food hazard there?

  9. wow very informative

  10. Thank you so much for sharing your recipes I just love this way of cooking & eating. Grazie ciao Ciao

  11. It's really nice that you give all the nutritional info! But I am surprised that each meal is 800 calories, since it's mostly veggies and you didn't use any oil. Is this just the recipe for 4 dinners, or 4 days of dinner and lunch? Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

  12. Great affordable vegan video! Thanks for sharing.

  13. dont worry we like accents…gr8 job!!

  14. indian style

  15. cute guy and great cooking advice x

  16. it should be eaten within 2 days ? but why people make then meal preparation for a whole week ?

  17. When is the next series of videos?

  18. wow that was sooooo helpful thanks a lot!

  19. When will you make more videos?

  20. I wish you had more videos!! This video and the other two you have are very helpful.

  21. ❤ amazing

  22. nice!

  23. Thanks for the information about freeze. Many people and restaurants don't bother about people health.

  24. Does anyone know the brand of the first skillet?

  25. hi i am indian, i have suggestion you can use cumin seeds tempered in oil for the rice recipe. cumin is not spicy like paprika but very flavor full and it is very commonly use with rice dish in india.


  27. Lei parla inglese perfetto :D. Voglio parlare come tu, ma Italiano (studio Italiano) :)

  28. Those potatoes are sooo PURPLE! 🙂 Thank you for making this informative video. It was very helpful for me who lives on a budget and likes convenience.

  29. Will the prep meal last for five days in the fridge fresh? Or i had to re prepare again after 3 days?

  30. Thanks for the video!
    The meals are really fondly made….. :)

  31. Finally the face 'behind' the vegan corner voice! :D

  32. I might try this

  33. i love that you talk about cooking order for efficiency. got my sub.

  34. Really high quality video man, thanks for sharing.

  35. Thank you so much for this video! I would absolutely love to see more vegan meal prep videos like this one. It was so helpful for me to follow along to 100% of what you presented here, and made my week go by much smoother.

    Anyway, I love your work here and over at The Vegan Corner. Thanks for everything you do!

  36. Wonderful !!!!!! I love that you cook vegan and without Oil. I am very inspired !!

  37. I love all the information about the foods in the description. It is very helpful! I hope your channel gains a lot more subs

  38. omg u r awesome !

  39. I don't cook with oil either. I like the way you "sautéed" in a bit of water.

  40. loveee your accent <3

  41. I really enjoyed watching your videos.. Pls more videos.. Thanks!

  42. Omg this food look sooo amazing!!! thanks so much for sharing and for inspiring others!! 😀
    Love from a vegan vlogger living in the UK xx

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