RECIPE BOOKS & WEIGHT LOSS GUIDE ☆ CUSTOMIZED MEAL PLANS Recipes and Nutritional Info Tropical Smoothie Bowl Base…


  1. Our kitchen is being renovated atm and it's so hard to eat cooked food (usually go to cook at a relatives house but don't want to bother them by going frequently) I can't wait to get our kitchen sorted so I can stop eating trash

  2. Nicole Raffelsberger

    I turned vegetarian 3 days ago and try to go vegan but it is so hard when you're only 16 and live with your family yet :/

  3. Thanks for that tip on water. I’m diabetic and appreciate that info!

  4. Since this is a MAXIMUM weight loss video I'm surprised tot included an acai bowl. On a maximum weight loss plan a smoothie or shake or simply drinking your fruits is not advised. On a general weight loss plan it's absolutely fine but on a maximum weight loss you are advised to eat your fruits whole.

  5. Oh thank you for the raw spaghetti idea. I’ve been trying to eat more raw foods this veganary.

  6. As usual, love these recipes. Thanks for posting.

  7. Do you have any recommendations on banana substitutes? I’m allergic to them and I’ve noticed a lot of meal plans (beyond yours as well) all include banana and it’s been a dang struggle for me. Haha

  8. I think a little of that tomato sauce would be delicious mixed in with the curry.

  9. Mam im rice lover icant elimimnate rice from my diet my weight is 81 kg so hw i can manage my diet plan

  10. Stephanie McAlister

    Hey Hannah. I'm wondering what your stance on organic stevia as a sweetener is? Thanks:)

  11. You have great videography & your dishes are presented beautifully.


  13. Ive been rewatching your older videos for inspiration to stay on track. Thank you for the new video!

  14. Can i substitute the curry powder with anything else, my stomach doesnt like it sadly, awesome as always thanks!

  15. This winter here in Phoenix, AZ, my body *Needs WARM food & soups. I developed a dry throat & congested asthma in December, after New Years fireworks & wood fireplaces happened here, causing terrible air pollution in our valley. (happens every winter, but News said this year was worst winter air quality). Warm tea & soups right now.

  16. There was vegan adverts before your vid, so i watched the vid like six times just for the ads haha. Support your vegans yooooo! 😀

  17. Awesome video thanks for posting this

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