Are you ready for all the mac & cheese! I’m taking the recipe for bacon mac & cheese from the #hotforfoodcookbook and showing you 2 easy ways to re-do the dish with new flavors! I’m making…


  1. Lauren I love these decadent recipes, and not to be cliched, but spring is here and I’m trying really hard to eat light + vegan to lose weight. Could u pls do some more cool stuff with salads and vegan proteins? Lots of love xo and thanks!

  2. shanayashanaya08

    presentation isnt giving me life but the taste i bet is great! def wanna try

  3. Kitchen is great, and I'm drooling! But when are you moving to LA?

  4. really wish i wasn't living in a dorm room so i could make this like now


  6. Yay!!!!

  7. You have inspired me SO much, and I can't thank you enough for that! Thank you SO much for your creativity, passion & dedication (ETC) to and everything you do. You're such a gem. #YUMANDWOWASALWAYS xo

  8. I really want to try this recipe, but is there anything I can replace cashews with? I don't own a high speed blender, and my cashews never come out creamy when I use my food processor :/ Do you have any tips for blending cashews or a substitute?

  9. Oh my!! Lauren both look so delicious!! But please tell me what was the brand of that scrumptious looking chickn??!!

  10. Jesus Lauren. I love you.

  11. lauren, what brand is the chicken, mozzarella and pepperoni?

  12. Awww, glad to see your gorgeous face again! Love the new kitchen! You had me at Mac and Cheese… But Thai Red Curry Mac and Cheese? Pizza Mac and cheese?! Yes, I fell over.

  13. Have you been reading my mind? I've been wanting a pasta recipe for my extra yves pepperoni, I just didn't know what to do, this is way better than anything I would have come up with, thanks, glad your tour went well and you're back making videos! 😀 thanks for sharing

  14. When can we come full circle and go back to the orginal kitchen.. i miss the fridge..

  15. Love the book.
    Question Why is nutrienal yeast is used in vegan food items?

  16. This set up is better. No over-exposed light coming from windows/doors!

  17. omg… i need the pizza mac!

  18. And nice to see you here and in the Vlog!

  19. There's a vegan club on my college campus where we share recipes, great restaurant, vegan fast food hacks and so on. I told them last week that I get most of my recipes from your YouTube channel, and when we came back this week they were telling me about all the recipes that they want to try and how everything looks like something they can cook to keep them running during midterms. (Some said they want to make your cookies and bring them in to share, so thank you for that!)

  20. Oh Myyy! Looks so delicious. wow

  21. Christopher Mumford

    When you ate that whole thing of cilantro my heart was so happy.

  22. here for the food, not the kitchen 😉 (that said, this kitchen looks really nice!)

  23. Saw you on the cover of Chatelaine!!! 🙂 🙂

  24. Aww, I miss your old kitchen, what a transition! Lol it's so bizarre

  25. I can't wait to make these! Your bacon mac and cheese is the best I've ever eaten – vegan or not vegan 🙂

  26. Lauren. Please think about opening a restaurant

  27. Justanother fancy screenname

    Argh I just got back home from working, and was dead tired. Then I saw this video and it somehow boosted me up to have the energy to cook this, mouth watering dish….. OMPL (Oh my pasta lawd) this is GENIUS!!!!!

  28. I think your new kitchen is beautiful!!!

  29. The queen has returned!!!

  30. yuuuuum! new apartment tour prutty prease!

  31. Brilliant! Lauren is the best!

  32. Love the new background!!! Welcome back!

  33. Hello. I’m allergic to nuts, could I use a substitute for the cashews?

  34. What’s everyone’s favorite vegan mozzarella?

  35. Carolyn Xenelis

    Please make a video of super buttery yummy movie theater style homemade popcorn. Thanks!! I love your videos!

  36. Caroline Trippenbach

    I caved and just bought your book, so so excited!!!

  37. Brittany Knight

    Yaaayyy new kitchen tour!!

  38. Kristiana Chancy

    I'm never going to understand breadcrumbs on top of Mac and cheese, and I grew up in the south (of the USA).. it was always baked and topped with more cheese

  39. Madeline Strang

    omg laurreeeennn <3___<3 queen v(egan). as soon as im done my uni finals im making both of these and going into a 72 hr food coma lol

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