VEGAN RECIPE EBOOK Forks over knives – ✘I N S T A G R A M …


  1. Thanks for the new lunch ideas! I always get bored with packed lunches. xx

  2. Hey Bonnie what brand of tahini do you buy? I'm Auzzie myself but can't seem to find a nice tahini. Help?! xo

  3. can you make a video on pasta recipes please? i loooove pasta but need more ideas! something easy 🙂 thanks!

  4. danishsimmer girl

    I was so happy when you said edermandme beans it just makes me hapy for whateverr reason. loved the video

  5. I want to go vegan but my parents don't understand that. There's also a lot judgement about vegan lifestyle. :/

  6. yay can't wait to try these!!! A good lunch makes any school day so much better!! love you x

  7. Filippa Vivianne

    I loved this video, as always! Everything looks delicious! Hugs ❤️

  8. The tofu sandwich is great!

  9. Can you do the 30 days of what you eat in a day? I loved watching those!!!

  10. TheMakeupballerina

    You made me so tahini obsessed, its unreal 😀  Love the chickpea salad <3

  11. i was watching this while waiting for dinner to arrive and nearly died from accelerating hunger coz the food looks so gooooooood!

  12. Thank you for sharing !! your videos are very inspiring !!! 🙂

  13. omg this looks so good <3 also pause at 8:38 ur reflection on food processor is prime hahahahh

  14. where did you get the little processed from?

  15. Kat Conway-Paul

    Hi Bonny, Great video once again!! Whats the brand of tahini you use? We used the woolworths macro with the chickpea sandwich and it didn't turn out so good.. 🙁

  16. Hi ! thank you for your videos !! I'm watching you from France !
    Please can you write me what is the powder that you use with the houmous in your second recipe, I really don't understand what you say ? thank you very much !!

  17. Marketa Petkovova

    super video,easy and good

  18. I so so so love this video! I tried your chickpea tuna fish sandwich.. although I could not find nori flakes so I used Kelp flakes instead… I need to find out where i can get nori flakes… but that being said I LOVE THIS!! YUMMMM

  19. I tried the tofu sandwich yesterday and it was so easy, filling and delicious! Thanks for all the great ideas:)

  20. Can't wait to try all of them, thank you for a super video! <3

  21. try tempeh with tamari, tahini and maple syrup. It´s so nice!!!!

  22. Do you soak the dates before adding them to the food processor?

  23. Great video! 🙂

  24. what type of bread did you use in the first one?

  25. lol 8:38 her face in the reflection hehe

  26. Arrianna Hamrah

    GURL. BEST VEGAN LUNCH VIDEO EVER. seriously – so friken simple and looks amazing. MAKING ALL OF THESE!

  27. Those are so amazing! I am not vegan but i LOVE eating vegan meals because it just makes me feel healthy 😀

  28. 8:39 why am i laughing so hard?

  29. I love chickpea tuna but Iv just been making it with vegan mayo, I wanna try it with tahini but i dont know

  30. the wyrd gardener

    love these recipes thanks!

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  32. it all looks great x

  33. I love this video! Please do more of these lunch idea videos! <3

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