Vegan Kimchi

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  1. So no fish sauce? Right? 100% vegan. Wow

  2. Can you make green onion kimchi. I think that's what it is.

  3. Sweet rice flour? What can I do with it after I use only 2spoons for the kimchi.
    Seems a waste to buy the whole packer

  4. Marcia Regina Pianpek

    Como. Vou entender. Sou. Brasileira

  5. Sabrina Bruehwiler

    This is incredible! Thanks so much! I messed up half the steps but it still ended up so delicious!

  6. QUESTION: Will this last in the fridge as long as the traditional kimchi??

  7. francisca suharyani

    I made regular kimchi, but when on the fermentation it taste bitter, so i should leave it for 7 days, can you tell me why?

  8. How long is this supposed to last? Mine got moldy even in the fridge.

  9. Set the speed to x2 and start at 8:50 Enjoy!

  10. Im not vegan or vegetarian,just allergic to all seafood

  11. Persimmons? Whoa. Great idea!

  12. This women is talking too too much.

  13. Korean food is heaven

  14. How long can you leave it in the fridge?

  15. also, if you're in europe, you can get raw sea salt from france, that's not fully cleared so it looks grey bc it includes more minerals
    does not taste any different, maybe a bit less salty.. that stuff is pretty cheap compared to other..

    or you can get really old salt from dried out seas that went under earth, like salt from the jura times or sth..

  16. under a minute and I already love your sass 😀

  17. Dislikes from non vegan

  18. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I did successfully at the 1st time 🙂

  19. soooo delicious…. I like it very much…

  20. What if I can not find persimmon in the area I live in???

  21. Black Rose Aşkum

    في. حدا عربي هون
    بنقدر بدل الفجل الكوري فجل العادي
    وبدل الملفوف هاد الملفوف الي بعرفه
    وبدل الفلفل الكوري أي فلفل حار
    وصويا السمك من وين ممكن نحصل عليها

  22. Thank you. I like your recipe. I'll try persimom instead of apple.

  23. If I can’t find persimmon, what else can I use ?

  24. Is it possible to just use regular fine salt? What would the difference be?

  25. That's not food, it's ART

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