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  1. Finally! A VEGAN + KETO Meal Prep! It’s a tough one… but can be done! Share your own vegan keto favorites below!

  2. davey Konijnenberg

    Is that stuff she making supposed to be food?

  3. My husband and I are on keto but I'm trying to reduce our meat intake due to carbon emissions. This is great!

  4. Amazing recipes

  5. I love your on-air personality!! 🙂 It really feels like you know your viewer and you're talking right to us! 🙂 Keep making videos!

  6. It's delicious! Lol watch out for that Spirulina though!

    Lol my sides!

  7. Well done!

  8. More keto vegan recipes please. Thank you so much for this video, especially the no soy challenge.

  9. OMG that looks so delicious! Love avocado!

  10. Does she not know avocados have 15g of carbs per avocado

  11. My kids love spirulina.

  12. Why no tofu?

  13. avocado allergy is the worst

  14. Nice , I'm not vegan but this is dope

  15. Thank you so much for this vegan keto soy free video. Some do have their reasons for doing a diet like this. I am actually not vegan, but I lean towards 90% plant based in my eating, and I am doing vegan keto, because I need to lose some weight for an important event that I have several months down the road. And I have decided for personal reasons that I want to eat way less meat. Although it is restrictive, I just did some research and was able to find a lot of recipes, so it just takes doing some homework to find some great options. I also know that I am not going to be doing keto vegan forever. Once I lose the weight, I will be moving to 90% plant based and still continue with the low carb lifestyle. It's not really that hard. Thank you again for sharing!

  16. Loves this video, Fyi best part of the video @3:45 breaking down "What is a net carb?" was awesome a co-worker spent 25 minutes of salesforce work hours trying to explain it to me and he did a terrible job but you are dope! thank you 🙂

  17. milk is supposed to not be keto… and broccoli is a carb loaded food

  18. I think people dont realize that restricted diets aren't forever. If you're in insulin resistance, are overweight, or have other emergent health problems, then by all means, RESTRICT yourself so you can get healthy. After that, you can begin to eat all food groups again because youre body is in optimum position to do so.

  19. toss pecans on everything… protein and fat

  20. Love your videos but please slow down ! It’s hard enough when someone is staring out!

  21. Excellent video

  22. Awesome video. Thank you for the phenomenal information on Vegan Keto. 🙂

  23. This could be a great video without the negative comments, which are obviously her perception and so be it. (Vegan diet is restricted, "I wouldn't do it", and other comments that were not necessary and people can perceive them as negative, and they are very subjective). Kudos for the effort, yes.

  24. Love your videos ! Would like to see a vegetarians guide to keto, vegan is just to restrictive. Thank you (-:

  25. Katherine Contreras

    Ming blown! I had no idea someone could do vegan keto

  26. As a vegan without a gall bladder, I don't do high fat keto. Instead, I do mod fat/mod protein/low carb and if anything is high, it would be dark, leafy greens. I've never felt so good!

  27. I'm so happy you are in my life!

  28. I wouldn’t do vegan keto, but I’m impressed you made this menu without soy! That Brussels sprouts dish does look good! May have to try it… maybe with some bacon, lol.

  29. MWAHA she calling me out for listening mindlessly to what people on the internet says… honestly I was just thinking "hmm, I don't wanna learn this one I just wanna do it." Now I know, nope. thanx. <3

  30. Thank you for making something soy free! I’ve been Keto for 3 years and have been curious about trying vegan, but weary of so many soy or almond flour recipes, that my options would be too limiting. This is very appreciated!

  31. This is a sad sad diet

  32. Is nobody going to mention the horrible avacado model 8:22. I mean unless you like seed.

  33. Wouldnt a bullet proof coffee kick you out of ketosis and thereby ending the intermittent fasting since you would be consuming calories?

  34. Seitan is wheat gluten and not made of soy. Vegan keto is easy and I don't feel restricted at all. So many amazing plant foods to enjoy!

  35. Thanks so much for this ❤️

  36. THANK YOU!!! You're appreciated

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