Vegan Junk – Mumbai Street Food (Vegan Explore) feat. NSPA

It isn’t Chaat.. nor Vada Pav! Here is some regular yet uncommon Vegan street food you can find in and around Mumbai. I had confirmed in detail with the …


  1. real foodie you are bro

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the super food experiences.I go crazy thinking to visit there and try those food.

  3. r u Marathi.or Maharashtrian ?…. n u dnt knw misal pav..

  4. Bijtaloza Taloza

    I love exploring places especially on their foods …

  5. MindfulWanderlust

    The veg momos look great!

  6. what is your favourite vegan street food in delhi? i'll be there next week

  7. bhai tera pet nai kharab hua

  8. Oh my I can not say how much I enjoyed this video. It was wonderful. From the amazing food, the exciting motorcycle rides, you definitely can make more videos like this. It was so much fun especially from where I am sitting on the vast Canadian prairies, what a huge contrast. Thank you, I'm subscribing.

  9. Presto Rheumatoid87

    Nice video bro..almost same like mark wiens video….are u mark wiens fans?

  10. were is the misal pav place u din't say

  11. You are in thane, you wanna have good misal pav and you don't go to mamledar.

    Buddy, that's blasphemy

  12. Loved this! Pls do more of these kinda vlogs :)

  13. i am just curious to know… how do you lose all those calories which you have put up eating..

  14. you are so cute

  15. india mein bhi vegan hote hai? kachori mein dahi nahi chalega…lekin uske naak ka mucous chalega?? gloves bhi nahi pehente ya haath bhi nahi dhote thelewaale susu karke

  16. How u edit your video

  17. hey @Indian Vegan Recipes plz give me ur email address i have work for u

  18. there is yogurt in the green chutney used in kachori

  19. they use butter in paav

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