Vegan in Istanbul: Food & Culture Tour

What to do, see, and eat when visiting Istanbul, Turkey! Connect with vegans around the world by joining our global community of compassionate vegan …


  1. The woman at Betty Blue seems so nice! Will definitely visit there when I travel to Istanbul

  2. watching your video makes me super nostalgic for turkey! great video! i visited in march and loved it

  3. You made me happy

  4. I like that. Cool video. Thanks from Bursa.

  5. istanbul is awsome!

  6. Turkey is a beautiful country full of secularism and democracy, I would recommend the country

  7. This is such a nice, peaceful and very enjoyable video you made there dear Kristin Lajenuesse. 🙂 Thanks for your time and constructive effort. We should be reaching out more to peaceful Western alternative thinkers, opposite lifestyle souls, instead of surrendering to mindless wild capitalists, and their pointless, wasteful consumption competitions.

    If you visit Western part of Anatolia, the Aegean coastal cities like Izmir, you will see people have traditional vegan cuisine culture there. You can find many ideas for tasty and tasteful vegan recipes to adopt.

    Congratulations, and please keep up the good work. :)

  8. There are more vegetable based food in western and westsouthern turkey

  9. Rengin Tutku Müngen

    And i understand that i didnt know many places in İstanbul thank you! :)

  10. Rengin Tutku Müngen

    Wow i was see you at hacı bekir 🙂 i had sorry to didnt know you are vegan when i saw:( Nice work!!!!

  11. Wonderful video!

  12. Excellent video! I'm loving watching Kristin's adventure!

  13. Marvelous! Thanks for posting : )

  14. Lovely … shared on fb … so glad you are doing this!

  15. Sophie Castonguay

    Awesome video! I didn't think I wanted to visit Istanbul before seeing it through your vegan eyes. I'm adding it to my bucket list!

  16. This ALL looks so delicious!!

  17. God, the food looks so wonderful. I'm jealous. Enjoy your day guys. =)

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