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This vegan funfetti waffles recipe is perfect for a quick but fun brunch or breakfast! These vegan Funfetti Waffles are a party on a plate and are perfect for celebrating a birthday of someone…


  1. Make something galaxy

  2. Tabitha S. Aaron


  3. My kids are going to love this one! Perfect for Saturday breakfast!

  4. Marilyn Wellington

    These look amazing!! My hubby's bday is coming up and these will be perfect for breakfast. We had your pbj french toast from your cook book the day after Xmas by the way. Looove your breakfasts!!!

  5. Sprinkles aren't vegan? I thought they were just sugar! What animal products are in sprinkles?

  6. Looks delicious

  7. If we make chickpeas at hime would we just save the water? How do you store it? Will this work with no oil?

  8. The Vegan Hippie

    These like so much fun. My daughter will love them.

  9. those rainbow sprinkles just make everything 100x better

  10. Lol acting like I’m 30 and funfetti isn’t still my cake of choice

  11. These look really good! Omg

  12. yay i cant wait to make

  13. Maybe almost 30… lol. Me too, girl

  14. The Vintage Vegan

    Looks so good!

  15. this looks so amazing i can't wait for the chance to make it!

  16. This looks sooo yummy!!! Great recipe!!

  17. TaVonya Chanteau

    Definitely making these!!!!

  18. Bake With Dollies

    Love this! They look super fun and delish!

  19. These are pancake waffles. Would somebody please make waffle waffles? The kind that are actually crispy on the outside, and not dense of cake on the inside. It really doesn’t seem that hard and yet

  20. Where in Spain are you going to be?? I'm from Barcelona 🙂 if you come here I can tell you a few nice vegan places!

  21. Chronically Hopeful

    These look amazing! I'm gonna have to try them on the weekend!

  22. carolyn crenshaw

    These look so beautiful and delicious, thank you!

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