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  1. Thanks you for this also the Background Music sounds like Mr blobby

  2. you have to do carrot slivers with some liquid smoke or balsamic vinegar for the bacon. atleast if you want to make a full english. you can put them in a dehydrator or ´ grill them a bit so they look like bacon.

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  4. It's not an English breakfast. A lot like inspired u may say.

  5. what the actual fuck is this garbage, vegans aint human

  6. Lady LisztomaniaTM

    I love Linda McCartney sausages!

  7. Damn that looks good. My mouth is watering right now

  8. The lifeof Jonnelleoh TV

    you should try veg-egg

  9. uhm..there is something that caught my attention, the sausages are vegetarian not vegan..:/

  10. Wow!!! that looks delicious, but way too much food for me!

  11. I really need to try this, omg 😀 <3 Looks awesome! Thanks for sharing such awesome videos!

  12. Natalia The Vegan Rockstar

    a joLLY fLavour parade ya got going there !! 🙂

  13. Those sausages contain powdered eggs

  14. Dang this looks so amazing, my mouth is watering!!

  15. I just had a huge dinner, but I wanna eat more after watching this! (:

  16. I could literally eat a full vegan breakfast every single day 😀

  17. why are there no asian male vegan channels on youtube?

  18. UNREAL. Vegan sausages look scary real, I wonder how they taste!

  19. cantstoptheseeker

    Great stuff!

  20. Mmmm! Everything looks so delicious! Totally gonna make this!

  21. Looks exactly like what I was served in bed this morning for Mothers Day! Now I know his secret 😉 Thanks Rose, it was delish! <3

  22. I love a full English breakfast (vegan, of course)! Yours looks soooo good.

  23. Try Mashed potatoes and cooked cabbage…." Bubble n Squeak" fried shape into patties ! or /and with carrot..

  24. Loving this Rose, but just 5 items though? I may have to top this!! 😛

  25. Omg this looks perfect!

  26. Laura Castillejos

    Wow! That's quite a breakfast! Yum!

  27. Looks awesome. I know what I'm having my next hangover morning.

  28. GURL why??? I'm so hungry now. That looks amazing 🙂

  29. Super yummy!!! I'm a big advocate for brinner – Breakfast for dinner. It's a similar sort of idea to this. Always good to show veganised versions of popular dishes, the full english is a great one to show. – Baz

  30. Really great presentation Rose! Have you seen the Follow Your Heart eggs? I think I am going to get some on Amazon. I know they are not exactly cheap but they would still be Lazy:P

  31. this looks like normal breakfast to me..

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