1. Hey everyone I hope you enjoyed this video, tag me on instagram @highcarbhannah if you try any of these! Here are the recipes from today <3

  2. I made the pumpkin spice smoothie but used coconut sugar in place of dates and light coconut milk instead of full fat. I also added an extra banana, and it’s super good!

  3. Wait, was that water added at the end of the smoothie? How much?

  4. Isn’t it better to eat whole intact grains not bread let alone white bread?!?

  5. Yum. And the from what I saw – the recipes are reasonable for everyone to be able to make. Thank you

  6. hannah, the french toast is soooo good. I used thinner bread and didn't have a problem. thank you!

  7. I loved this quick, direct recipe video.

  8. Hello from Toronto! Love all your recipes & I watch every one! I'm also big into fall themed foods. Here's my video of Acorn Squash fries I made a few days ago, if you'd like to check it out 🙂

  9. Sassy Southern Vegan

    Yumm! Can’t wait to try these!

  10. I've been meaning to ask for forever- where did you get your utensils! I love the gold/white look!

  11. Both of these recipes looked amazing!

  12. Star light Star bright

    So I've lost 35 pounds so far, yay!!! And I still have at least 28 to go before I'm at a healthy BMI but I just wanted to say that one of the main reasons I lost so much weight was because of all of your videos! I mean, I still had to come up with a plan that worked for me but your meal plans are what kept me going. Especially the broccoli cheddar soup! I have it almost at least once every day! I just wanted to thank you because for once weight loss is so easy and effortless!

  13. OMG, that loaf of bread! I think I would eat it up before I ever got around to making French toast with it!

  14. what grill pan were u using?? looked nice

  15. Omg these recipes look AMAZING! I’d eat them allllll

  16. GreenEyEdBeauty 1960

    Looks delicious Hannah thanks for sharing

  17. Yummy!!!!

  18. Can we eat white bread and bagels and still lose weight? I’m a new vegan and trying to follow dr McDougall’s program for the most part. I use a lot of your recipies.

  19. Mela'n Greathouse

    Ok Hannah! A couple of questions. I’m lactose intolerant. Where do you get the plant milk, and can I digest it. 2. Is there a substitute for the coconut milk in the smoothie, and can I refrigerate it beforehand? I like the simple, easy way that you explain your recipes step-by- Step. I’m surprised that Derek isn’t FAT by now. Much Love Guys.

  20. Need to make these recipes ASAP.

  21. Holistic Mentality


  22. Is there anyway i could get the macros?? I’m following the your weight loss recipes and this looks delicious!!!

  23. Great video! Love you, Hannah!

  24. i cant ever get my french toast right omg so trying this

  25. So, this is hilarious. The ad that played before I could watch your video was for a Traeger Meat Smoker. What a hoot.

  26. Love these recipe videos. You look very happy. Hope the pregnancy efforting is going well. 🙂

  27. Stupid question but can you use any other kind of bread? I have sourdough bread right now.

  28. That french toast does look amazing. I bought some vegan eggnog the other day because it had a french toast recipe. I haven't made it yet, but this recipe looks really good too!

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