Vegan Food in Seoul

We go for vegan food in Seoul. It’s really quite good! NOTE: this location has since moved but the name of the restaurant represents a vegan chain in Korea!


  1. I'm vegan. Can't wait to go to Seoul!!! I am going to try and go on a Working Holiday visa.

  2. Woah, that dress looks fantastic on Martina… im a little jealous!

  3. Love Martina's outfit! ^.^ So chic!

  4. We have this chain in england.

  5. oh wow simon looks so different.  I think he got much more handsome with age somehow.

  6. dorkey white couple

  7. Spicy vegan/vegetarian food = India

  8. There is actually loving hut in Australia

  9. Omg look at how smol Simon was

  10. THANK YOU!

  11. Haha Martina if I sa you I would get so mad at Simon for always eating my all of the food @Simon and Martina

  12. But how was the vegan kimchi?!

  13. ohhh my , that food looks delish .., i wish i had their recipe of what you had ….

  14. I'm screwed if I go to Korea because I don't like meat, seafood, or vegetables. Oops


  16. Hahaha what the two boy doing in your video?

  17. siti aida Siswarana

    recommended for moeslem people

  18. What a cute couple
    Thanks for sharing this. I Love Loving Hut chain. I love to visit LH in Seoul.
    Vegan foods are the most healthiest, delicious and cruelty-free meal in the world.

  19. hallohellokonnichiwa

    We have a Loving Hut in Australia 😀 (more specifically in Brisbane like 15 minutes from where I live) xD It is the same company, same logo etc. but as you can imagine the food is totally different, more Thai/Malaysian/Vietnamese influence. Still super yummy and really affordable! Check it out if you come down under… and to South-East Brisbane haha

  20. Who else is obsessed with seeing how they eat over there? Hahaha

  21. They have loving hut in Australia :). Their carbonara is amaaaazing!

  22. ohh i have a question.
    when we were kids in japan we could tell the brand of tofu by how it tasted.can you do that in korea?
    sadly i hate tofu now i think we got much to much all at once

  23. hey I went there when I was in korea! we were starving and it was raining super hard and just ran into the first place we saw. it was really good.

  24. Fernando Gutierrez

    We need a Loving hut here in Indianapolis

  25. Delightra Cardeanne

    1:51 <3 Much love <3

  26. simon come back to the light and bring martina with u! better yet b vegan! so u dont have to pay for the extortion, torture, rape and slaughter of animals!

  27. srry but I unconsciously gave u the middle finger when u guys were sending smells to my way

  28. It is closed by the way. I was just over there and very disappointed :(

  29. loving hut is a cult…

  30. i got an add that was 24 mins long -_-

  31. This is my second time watching this and I just now noticed that Simon has to squat down to get in the shot!!! Lol

  32. Loving hut in Richmond Melbourne is so good

  33. I'm not vegan, but that stuff looked absolutely delicious!

  34. thank u for this!

  35. lol, martina's arm flopped when she waved her arms before the food porn shots =D

  36. How is this video not GOALS.

  37. u both r super cuteeeee

  38. loving hut in my country sucks ㅠㅠ

  39. In Mexico there are Loving Hut too. In Monterrey city too.

  40. Is this still open?

  41. Omg want! This looks so good! Thank you for giving us herbivores some food porn too! :D

  42. There is a Loving Hut in Pittsburgh, about 45 mins from where I live.

  43. You both look so good in this video

  44. I just realized that there is a Loving Hut in Portland, OR and I walk by it almost everyday to classes lol

  45. Thank you guys for making this video!! We appreciate you taking time testing veg options for us!!

  46. Too bad this place closed down recently. It's been taken over by another kimbab place :(

  47. "ive never had spicy vegan food before" but so much indian vegan food is excellently spiced

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