I EAT LOTS OF VEGAN FOOD IN New York CITY. Heres my top restaurant picks!! Subscribe …


  1. Gaz, I am sure I can speak for everyone when I say how proud I am of you and this channel! Keep up the fantastic work!

  2. Great !! Now you have to crack those beautiful recipes for us 😉

  3. Woooow. It's great. Thank you for this video. And what's about prices in these restaurants?)

  4. How much longer are you in LA? I’d love to get a signed copy of your book! 🙂

  5. I'm a sucker for ramen so Ivan Ramen looked amazing.

  6. Their Salted caramel ice cream is the bomb!

  7. Go to nix

  8. Gaz I don't know if you'll see this, but you need to show more of your personality like a the end of the video! I loved your accents and jokes you were making with your friends. More of that please!

  9. Our king has spoken; to NYC everyone!

  10. Ксения Петрова

    Hey Gaz, not sure if you ever read this/actually take down any of our notes and recommendations, but here's what I have to say about amazing vegan New York scene: a) Franchia in Midtown is an absolute winner in pan-Asian category, tried half of their menu already and it's been amazing! Better and more creative than Wild Ginger to my taste; b) Impossible burger at Saxon + Parole is by far the best interpretation I've tried (Bareburger one sucks so badly though)– tastes almost illegally and gives you an anxiety since it's SO much like the real thing, and they balance the flavors quite incredibly; c) Delice and Sarrasin is probably worth checking out but very likely you won't be amazed (onion soup was overpowered with salt, much anticipated coquilles st jacques turned out to be fake starchy weirdness– which by the way you can nail simply by using king oyster mushrooms and they give you the amazing texture without any unnecessary ingredients whatsoever); d) I'm very surprised not to see any of Mathew McKenney's places in the review which we have plenty– his pizza joint gives more rustic flavorful pies than Screamers, the Mexican place is amazing (JaJaJa is a great choice too though!), and many more (maybe you'll visit some of them in LA, I'd love to get your opinion on his food since he's probably the most successful and well-known vegan chef in the country); e) as for the sweet treats, I can only add two to the great places listed above in comments (Dun-Well Donuts and Confectionery! are both incredible)– Erin McKenna's bakery and Rawsome Treats (which I have a pleasure to live right above it)– first place is more traditional and decadent, second one is a great (but pricey!) raw dessert spot that absolutely doesn't compromise on the flavor part.

    SORRY for the longread, please come back to NYC soon!

  11. Fikria Fatima Akubardia

    How much you ate man:-)))) hungry here…♥

  12. Hello Gaz, Can you interfere with the commercials YouTube play before your videos ? No because 95% of the time it's for a meat product and really it piss me off, and I am pretty sure I am not the only one !

  13. people: "vegans only eat veggies"
    me: shows them this video

  14. man I want a pizza now

  15. "Kweysadillas"

  16. If you like pizza and don’t mind eating somewhere that also serves meat, check out Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint which has a great selection of vegan pizzas. Cooked in a wood fired oven in front of you so if you don’t like the heat, opt for a table near the door. Gets very busy so you might have to wait for a table. It’ll be worth the wait. Good selection of sodas and craft beers too.

  17. It is not completely vegan (all vegetarian and non-vegan items clear) but if you are a lover of falafel, then check out Taim

  18. Elizabeth Grammont

    Next time you should go to the Vspot, Wild ginger in Williamsburg and urban vegan kitchen they’re soooooo good.

  19. Omg ABCV is amazing! the food there is delicious. I had the lettuce avocado wrap and the slow roasted beets.

  20. I. LOVE. YOU.
    (no homo tho) 😉

  21. omg you're in greenpoint I live around there. LOVE SCREAMERS CHEESE PIZZA

  22. Gaz thanks for all your work. You are such an inspiration

  23. Hey gaz, love you and all your videos but Ja Ja Ja isn't in Williamsburg it's in Manhattan….unless the recently opened one in Williamsburg…but the lower East side one is their first. BEST NACHOS EVER!!!

  24. I was about to comment and say you should have gone to ABCv. Used to work there, incredible vegan food!

  25. You need to move out here to Los Angeles, plant based food is HUGE here as I'm sure you know. The sun, the beach the easygoing life, you would totally fit in. Also, we could always use another delicious vegan restaurant here!

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