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My vegetarian story: On giving up dairy/eating plant based and vegan: …


  1. My Costco doesn't seem to have any of the options :/ is there a way to check if an item is vegan when it doesn't say so?

  2. I would have eaten all the tortilla chips in one go

  3. Have you ever used the organic agave from costco for cooking? I use their agave instead of sugar on porridge etc. Also, we live in Lichfield and wondered if there are any vegan shopsin our area (Birmingham etc) similar to Unicorn co op ? Thank you x

  4. I always wanted to know what vegan products are available in Costco UK. Thank you for making this video

  5. awesome just subbed

  6. Im sorry but Im not from the UK and I have no idea what kind of store costco is ?

  7. These videos are my absolute favourite! I now need to get onto Costco and stock up my suitcase the next time I'm back in the UK – I can't believe I've never been! More of these, please 😉 X

  8. Really interesting video!! I'm not vegan or vegetarian but really enjoyed watching!

  9. Do you have to be a member to shop in Costco?

  10. Becky TheWallflower

    The things you got look lovely! It's great that it says 'vegan' or 'suitable for vegans' on so many products in the UK!

    Could you maybe do some vegan baking videos or do you have someone in mind who does vegan baking recipes? Although I'm a vegetarian I try to eat as much vegan food as possible but I really struggle when it comes to desserts… my massive sweet-tooth doesn't help. :/

  11. I love the Costco houmous too! It's sooo good! XX

  12. Those blue corn tortilla chips remind me of Nikki too haha! I love her food videos 🙂 aww Maddie is so cute in her polka dots !

  13. now i'm hungry X)

  14. Birds of the same feather flock together, hence your viewers are intelligent and understanding, like you! 🙂 loving your frequent videos and updates recently

  15. Gosh, I'd love to see inside your freezer! I live on my own and struggle so much with food because if I buy a packet of courgettes (because its cheaper than buying them individually) then I know I'm having courgettes everyday of the week because I'd hate for them to spoil, so it would be great if you could do a video on how you make your meals and freeze them, perhaps you have a system that works way better than mine (just an idea, but I am sure the video would be interesting for others too) love these videos!!

  16. I'm loving your vegan themed videos! =) I have got to check out Cosco…such good finds!

  17. Loving these vegan food videos! I'm not vegan, not vegetarian either! But I'm a lover of food and I want to try everything you just hauled. Graze is still not available in Canada, what a shame! I really want to try their snacks lol.

  18. I had no idea Costco was so good for Vegan food. I need to either get a card or find someone that has one. I have to stock up on all those yummy treats.

  19. Mashed avocado + lime juice + the tiniest bit of black salt on toasted rye bread is amazing! Tastes like super creamy egg yolks on toast. X

  20. You're the best Gemma, a huge inspiration and an awesome Vegan!!

  21. I watched the last video (I like long videos haha) and I think you deserve nice comments. What you choose to eat is up to you and, like you say, no one ever questions when you have a burger but everyone feels entitled to ask if you don't go with the "norm". I'm allergic to dairy and people feel it's ok to question me when I ask for something dairy free. However, I never think of asking why it is they don't like carrots or tomatoes or whatever… Interesting haul. I'd love to have a Costco near me as the things you've bought look yummy. Noelia

  22. The mission wraps aren't vegan are they?


  24. Do you have any advise for vegan food shopping? I feel like if I went to Costco I would be so overwhelmed by choice I would either spend hours reading ingredients or just leave with vegan junk food! (From someone who's slowly transitioning from veggie to vegan!) lovely seeing the effort you're going through to really commit to vegan and cruelty free in your lifestyle and in your job!

  25. I'm not vegan but I find these sorts of videos so inspiring. Makes me want to go to the store to discover things like this too ! Sadly though, not many stores in sweden stock good vegan food…

  26. I love costco!!!

  27. I'm so sorry for the awful audio in this video, it did not sound like this in Final Cut so it must be an issue with the compression or upload, will fix it for next time, sorry!

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