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  1. melissa salisbury

    i made those cookies before there so good..i wonder if powdered peanut butter would be good with that.. and with the chocolate chips..i love that ramen recipe,, i make mine , i use the plain ramen,, cook it, with a teaspoon of vegan butter, 1 tsp, garlic and onion powder, 1 pinch red pepper flakes,, 2 squirts of siratcha ketchup.. cook it together and it's so good.. i love your easy food hacks..

  2. I'm definetly trying the cake and the ramen!!!!!

  3. I was like "wow muffins with 2 ingredients, that can't be true." And (at least for me) it wasn't. Cake mix have quite many ingredients in it. In our country, hardly anyone uses those. It is so easy to take the ingredients and make to cake mix yourself.

  4. What sauce did you use?:)

  5. *runs out to buy ramen noodle packs to try this recipe

  6. hey I made pancakes with pineapple cake batter and literally just added water out was amazing still very moist and crunchy on the outside! You don't need soda

  7. love this a lot

  8. God your narration sucks.

  9. isnt ramen made of chicken feathers..

  10. Subscribed! your recipes are so easy and amazing, i'm at uni and am just surviving on frozen vegan food but your recipes have saved me <3

  11. These aren't hacks, these are recipes..

  12. Love you channel!

  13. Sam Vegas Sausage

    I made the burgers and cookies, awesome. I would post pics but I don't know how. For the burgers I used black beans (what I had on hand) and for the cookies, I added some powdered peanut butter. Love your videos! They keep me grounded :)

  14. chocolate chips?

  15. I'm a vegetarian but I would like to try and "eat vegan" more often. These recipes look very good and easy ! :D

  16. The cookies kind of came of looking like scones XD

  17. HEADS UP. Go light in the nut butter :-(

  18. TheCosmicPawPrint Steph

    She put chocolate chips in the cookies…don't those contain milk… I'm not vegan I was just curious it those were vegan or not

  19. Man I love this chick

  20. your muffins are cute, like chocolate mushrooms or something. look wonderful to me!! you're an angel anyway, i love your cooking style

  21. What temperature do you bake the cupcakes at??

  22. my son will love the cupcakes. thanks

  23. awesome!

  24. Charlotte Barrett

    do you think you could batch make those bean burgers and then freeze them? xxx

  25. Why is everyone up in arms over the Ramen? I know Mr.Noodles (a staple ramen in Canadian households) has 2 vegan flavours (Vegetable and mushroom). I've also tried a few others that didn't have egg or other non-vegan ingredients. Seeing as she is in Canada she likely used one of those flavours. Also, I just recently noticed that Betty Crocker's Vanilla icing doesn't contain any milk or egg. Again, maybe it's just a Canadian thing. But accidental vegan products happen country to country.

  26. vlogger: Life hacks that you need in your everyday vegan Life!!!!!!!!!! buttttt this is the first time I try every single one of them…

  27. How do you call yourself "vegan" if you're not eating vegan foods

  28. This is supposed to be vegan…..

  29. is the ramen chicken flavor and u still add a little bit of the flavoring

  30. New vegan here. Loving your recipes and videos. Also, your voice so soothing and calming. :O

  31. If you can find glass noodles at an Asian Market those make a good ramen substitute too.

  32. Love your videos :*

  33. The burger recipe is amazing! My girlfriend has been vegan for over a year now and she's always wanted me to cook for her, unfortunately I can't cook at all, but I made this recipe so well that we're finally going to be able to have a meal made by me. Thank you!

  34. I like making custom recipe vegan pancakes for guests – not to brag, but they're delicious – and once the person enjoyed them I'm like "Would you believe that those were vegan?" 98% of the time, they're shocked.

  35. am talking the banana cookies

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