Vegan Food at Disneyland With Aubrey Miller

Vegan actor Aubrey Miller visits “the happiest place on Earth,” Disneyland! She tries a number of tasty treats at the park while discussing why being vegan is …


  1. wait, Why isnt there a peta for humans?

  2. I have nothing wrong with vegan people, its just I would like to know, Why? I ask this because So many people eat meat! We don't eat dogs, cats, or pets. we eat animals that are MADE to be eaten, like chicken! Some people don't pop the heads off of chicken runts. Some people don't scar animals or put them through hell. Most people take care and put effort into these animals and keep them well fed until they're ready. LOOK ON THE BRIGHT SIDE, ANIMALS DON'T ALWAYS GO THROUGH HELL!

  3. Hey guys its mexican fatty and lets eat earths skin at torture of employees land

  4. Thanks for preventing us from testing on animals, now we're just killing off horseshoe crabs instead. Outstanding move!

  5. Thank god I ain't Vegan. That looks nasty.

  6. I just ate a delicious Big Mac today at McDonalds.

  7. I'm find if people choose to be vegan, but it's not a good life style because its hard for the human body to gain nutrients from a vegan diet. If you want to protect and love animals, it's fine; but you have to think that killing animals helps the Earth if killed correctly with no extra chemicals or terrible raising.

  8. Will you be my friend?

  9. I like McDonald's chicken nuggets

  10. Ronnie Hollister

    FYI this video includes several items that aren't actually vegan

  11. Nasty

  12. ____________________

    I am vegetarian I wish I could go vegan but in a large family it’s really hard


  14. meat is delicious. I love knowing that retards will insult me for eating it


  16. if you are a vegan please don't mention it

  17. 2:47 Her teeth seem to be very sensitive, maybe she should drink some more milk. (Oh wait)

  18. Northstar Pokeshipper

    You forgot one of the most iconic vegan Disney snacks: Dole Whip!

  19. I love the enchanted steak sandwich

  20. 87% of people of Disneyland are meat lovers

  21. fuckin hate vegans.

  22. I remember reading 11 Kristen Suzannes Easy Raw Recipe Ebooks – Vegan
    It’s soooo good

  23. I'm not a vegan myself but that vegan gumbo looks good

  24. Hahhahhahaha, haha haha can you imagine being vegan

  25. I only give my 2-year-old vegan food. Now I know when I eventually take her to Disney, she will have options!

  26. Oh yeah yeah

  27. PETA

  28. Anynomous Sucker

    Peta, please save every hornets. Ive seen people killing our beloved hornets that are adorable in a cruel way. PLEASE START A MOVEMENT

  29. If you gonna rip Bo Peep's Crook,

    PETA, get lost.

  30. Cooper the Critic

    I just enjoyed a good baconator from Wendy’s

  31. In balkans we never heard of word "vegan"



  33. Team Plasma

  34. If you think being vegan is easy, you've never been to Wisconsin before and tried it.

  35. I like chicken and cheese

  36. stop ruining disney land come on

  37. I love my border collie, my goats, and my rabbit stew


  39. PETA needs to die in a hole

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