Vegan Fast Food Taste Test

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  1. I love these kind of videos????!!!!

  2. I’m hungry:(


  4. I’m surprised you guys didn’t get the spicy potato taco off the dollar menu

  5. Erin yelling "shut the fuck up"

  6. mcdonalds actually stopped frying their fries in animal fat a few years or so back

  7. Victoria Farrell

    Just be my fucking friend!

  8. erin looked hella annoyed

  9. Laken Couvillion

    This is just what I needed today

  10. btw in the uk there’s a vegan kfc options they’ve released a vegan chicken burger & wrap & salad for a month :))

  11. I think McDonald’s has hash browns that is vegan and an apple pie.

  12. I have a phat crush on carly


  14. LOVE YOU CHRIS! I just don't get why people think these girls are funny tho (no hate lol) just find them boring in every video

  15. アレックスAlexander

    McDonalds doesn’t use beef tallow on their fries anymore, they just use regular vegetable oil. The problem is, is that most fast food restaurants will fry their meat (chicken, etc) in the same oil they fry their fries in, making the fries no longer vegan

  16. They are so quiet in this vid. I wonder if Chris only wanted to hang with them to collab.

  17. My mom: Clean your room!
    Me: 9:44

  18. Jessica Clampitt

    Carly looked really pretty in this video

  19. they did not wanna be there during his promo lol

  20. Tallow is fat. It's also in bars of soap.

  21. KFC has corn, right? that's vegan

  22. chris you could’ve eaten GOOD at taco bell. you just didn’t order right.

    CrunchWrap Supreme
    -sour cream
    -add guacamole
    -add potatoes
    -add beans

  23. cryingaboutbooks

    i’m fucking screaming

  24. Tabitha Burnett

    Dude I feel like a lot of the workers let you down. There are so many additional options.

  25. When are you dropping more middle kid merch!?!

  26. Del Taco always has some rude ass worker at the drive thru.

  27. Amaya Rodriguez

    Did you just advertise leather on a vegan video

  28. bonjour itsizzy

    those two are literal trash, the one whose bf manages or owns emo night is a douche and ran over a friend of a friend and he can no longer come back and didn't even make sure everything was alright, its like he wanted to run him over.

  29. hahaha mustard seeds an acid and salt! 🙂

  30. Kelli Hendricks

    Waiting for the McDonalds employee to sound off in the comments

  31. Me singing the outro & then not… sad face

  32. Woopsie doopsie!

  33. Most fries aren’t cooked in animal fat however they most often are cooked in the same oil as things like chicken nugget

  34. I need some friends that understand when to be quite for the damn video!

  35. Danielle Wisniewski

    LMFAOOO i love how he didn’t put them in the title orrr thumbnail he said mm no

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