VEGAN Fast Food Review with Abby Pollock

Abby Pollock and I tried all the different vegan fast food options we could find! Vegan options are chipotle, taco bell, Starbucks. We also tried vegan ice cream.


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  2. You should do a video where you have to live like you have digestive difficulties. For example eating like someone with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and low FOMAP Foods that are very helpful to someone with that syndrome

  3. military diet???

  4. Claire Champagne

    I love all your videos!! Your energy and enthusiasm always brightens my day 🙂 As for fitnessy challenge, you should try Zumba or dancing classes!

  5. These places seem vegan, but I don't totally trust that there isn't at least butter in them.

  6. Follow Naturally Stefanie's workouts/meals. She's a vegan athlete from the UK 🙂

  7. Orange hands lol

  8. If you always try to substitute foods you’ll be disappointed. Look for really good recipes that ~happen~ to be vegan! You can also easily change recipes to make them vegan, such as finding a chicken fried rice recipe and swapping the chicken for crispy tofu or chickpeas.

  9. dammit now it's 11pm and i want chipotle :'(

  10. Abby! Yay!

  11. That box looks so cute!

  12. Planta is my favourite vegan restaurant in Toronto. 🙂 The one in Yorkville is very aesthetically instagramable, Queen street is all Asian food, and there's a Planta Burger in the Financial District.
    I've never been, but there's a place called Apiecolypse Now on Bloor that apparently has amazing vegan pizza/snacks.
    And apparently WVUST has an entire vegan section to their menu? If you're feeling sausage-y (who isn't, really)
    OH and ikea makes vegan meatballs that you can buy in their frozen food section and they're tasty af and not weird soy meat. I'm a vegetarian and I don't really eat "fake meat" because I think it's weird. So I eat a LOT of vegetables in fun ways (like spaghetti squash or roasted cauliflower tacos or zucchini noodles). And mushrooms–they're more "earthy" according to pro chefs so it feels like my meals have a lot of substance.

  13. Yay! Any vegan videos are great!

  14. Raw vegan challenge!

  15. you should try dwayne 'the rock' johnson's diet and workout for a challenge!!

  16. do a month of whole 30!! basically no carbs again!! dont hate me hahaha love you very very much <3

  17. Can you do only eating protein products for a day! (like protein bars, cookies, ice cream, mac and cheese) 🙂

  18. Heather Blamires

    Haha you make vegan look easy!

  19. Why are your videos so fast

  20. Why are your videos so fast

  21. Gabrielle Belanger

    Love your Channel …Your so funny,  but what happen to your hands? :/

  22. Yay vegan!!

  23. Also once again, I LIVE FOR THE OFFICE EDITS! You are my spirit animal.

  24. Came here to like this video immediately because you two are the only fitness you tubers I LOVE. SO HAPPY

  25. Jared Leto is a vegan… bout his workout & meal plans

  26. Morgan Wentworth

    Also I’m vegetarian but I love coconut milk based curries. Calorie dense and delicious and easy


  28. Morgan Wentworth

    OMG my two fave fitness people in one video

  29. Please try the Wim Hof breathing and cold therapy method!!!

  30. I would love to see you try out food combining for a week or month and see if you can see/feel any changes.

  31. my birthday is may 7 and do training like a baby seal

  32. my birthday is may 7 and do training like a baby seal

  33. my birthday is may 7 and do training like a baby seal

  34. my birthday is may 7 and do training like a baby seal

  35. I enjoy the paleo diet. If you find good substitutes and alternatives it's actually a really great "diet"

  36. i love you so much!

  37. 4-year vegan here. Make sure to eat enough, (maybe count calories for a few days until you get the hang of it) plant-based foods are less calorie dense. If you don't your main comment at the end will be, "I didn't have enough energy and lost weight blah blah." Eat beans and tofu chickpeas and lentils for protein. Pro tip: Watch Dominion on youtube to actually understand veganism. Veganism is an ethical position, that chooses to reduce the harm to animals as practicable as possible, NOT A DIET. If you choose not to do this, then label your video "plant-based". You can eat many plant-based diets including keto, HCLF, junk food and whatever you want. Vegan only tells you what you DON'T eat. So please don't confuse it with a diet, it's a lifestyle. You don't go vegan for a period of time, the same way you are not a rapist just for a period of time. You either stop because you made the ethical connection or you just try a plant-based diet.

  38. Could you try a gladiator diet and training?

  39. Shiloh Gabrielle

    your channel is growing SOOOO fast! love your channel so much Keltie!!!!!

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