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  1. this was an interesting experiment..let me know if you know of any vegan fast food options! thanks for watching :)x

  2. Mc Donald´s fries are ot vegan! They are cooked with cow milk. (sad)

  3. I love burger kings veggie burger but I live in the states and the one here looks different. Also taco bell is also great for vegetarians you can almost always have the meat subbed for potatoes or beans.

  4. jade hockenhull

    when i was veggie i used to always get the veggie burger from maccies and it was an actual patty and IT WAS SO GOOD if you asked for it spicy they would add sweet chilli sauce n it was amazing idk why they changed it

  5. Vagrant Vegan Show

    This is great!! We have the same video but Canada edition!
    Maybe you would want to do a collab video some day? A snack swap? Canada to Wales?

  6. Phoebe Barnhart

    Did she say F R I E S

  7. I love how in marakesh you said it was your last mcdonals for the whole year yet here we are again

  8. With curly hair she would look like Liza koshy

  9. ISSY-BEE and friends

    Tazzzz I live in rhoose the faintest part of wales

  10. Subscribe To Pewdiepie

    fast food (Uk version). meanwhile goes to all US fast food places (except for Gregs thats from the UK)

  11. Jessica Champeau

    Does mcdonalds in the UK not use beef fat to fry? I know in America the fries aren't vegan because they used beef fat to fry them in (and everything else they fry I assume)…

  12. omg want to meet you so bad (live in wales) luv u xox

  13. I don't think anything is vegan at MacDonalds becuase the fries are cooked in the same fryers as the meat is, my friend vegan for like 6 months (she had to stop becuase her doctor told her her body couldn't do it) but she couldn't eat from MacDonalds or anything

  14. courtney gallagher

    Sis I worked in McDonalds that's not what the veggie deluxe is the veggie deluxe is delicious and it comes as a round patty with either spicy sauce or mayo

  15. Persephone Violin

    McDonald’s fries aren’t vegan they have lard in em

  16. Corrupted Games

    My saying is that all good frys dont need ketchup

  17. Filipinas Mallari

    Little did she know the buns have milk

  18. I'm pretty sure McDonald's fries aren't vegan because they fry them in beef

  19. mcdonalds fries aren't vegan because they use milk in the flavoring 🙁

  20. Taz i think mcdonalds chips are cooked in beef or like chicken oil dont know if this is a 100 percent true

  21. I don't really like GREGGS : (

  22. With all due respect, that's what you get for going to meat restaurants and asking for vegan. Same thing happened once when I went to an Italian restaurant and asked for a cheeseburger. They had it, yeah, but it sucked, because it wasn't what they specialized in. There are vegan/vegetarian restaurants out there, maybe stick with them?

  23. Uhh taz I just want to let you know burger buns have milk in them soooo uhh yeah

  24. Should see spring in England

  25. Burger king in Aus is Hungry jacks because there was already a burger king place in Aus so they named it Hungry jacks, so random but uhhh there you go!


  27. props to KFC for telling yu they use the same fryer. They could have said they were but they were honnest.

  28. You should try the impossible burger ❤️

  29. Now u know what my everyday is!
    I’m medically forced to be vegan cause I’m lactose intolerant and can’t have meat soooo no chocolate no ice Cream no pastry’s so yh :(:)

  30. In Germany they have a vegan burger now and it's really good (for a McDonald's burger)

  31. swedens random Guys

    The McDonalds bread? Is tjat vegan

  32. Isn’t bread not vegan?

  33. mcdonalds used to do like a burger shape in their veggie burgers which was so good and now they dont see the point since they have the wraps lmao

  34. Annoying stupid English bitch

  35. McDonald's used to have a really good veggie burger but they changed it and it kinda upsets me

  36. CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93

    This is thinly veiled sauce propaganda

  37. CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93

    If you think this is bad try being vegan in a diner! Literally 9/10 I always get sausage in my veggie omelette

  38. CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93

    Are McDonald’s fries not fried in lard like in the us?

  39. CupcakeCult93 CupcakeCult93

    Your eyes are so big and pretty I’m jealous!!!

  40. Recovery for Music

    Not sure if it’s the same where you live, but from what I know of the US is that the fries have beef flavor/are not vegan

  41. sadly. mcdonalds fries are not vegan because the fries are flavored with beef tallow. only reason i know that is because my dad (vegetarian) threw a hissy fit when he found out

  42. Doesnt the buns and bread have milk and eggs in them

  43. Yoselin Morales

    But she ate chicken that is meat duh

  44. Also kfc in Australia is getting an actual vegan menu

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