VEGAN FAST FOOD REVIEW!! | Sophia and Cinzia

WHY IS THIS AN HOUR LONG HAHHAH. Clearly very passionate about our food opinions lol. INSTAGRAM : @sophiatuxford , @cinziabayliszullo + …


  1. Beans are the only way you can get your protein. How are you going to get protein?

  2. For it to work, you girls should try to find a vegan restaurant, that way you could have whatever the person ordered

  3. You should always know what your eating if your on a diet or anything kind when you order. Its all your fail. Though if the lie and tell you that are not using. Say chicken stock in veggies that another thing.

  4. So your not vegan like most vegans today after the fail of youtube vegans.

  5. please make this a series!!!!! love you guys ❤️

  6. Cielo Cervantes

    Hey girls! I think you should try this challenge here in America! I worked at the Burger King here in Texas and the veggie burger is actually a veggie burger it is great tasting and I'm not even vegan! Much love for you girls❤

  7. Jen Phillips-Hughes

    What mascara do you guys use? x

  8. if you girls come to australia, you have to go to hungry jacks (our burger king) and get the vegan cheeseburger! it has vegan cheese and mayo and like actual veggie patties

  9. You girls need to try the Greggs Vegan sausage roll, you won't regret it!! Your videos brighten my day, thank you xoxo

  10. Still processed food

  11. Could you guys do a finance management vid? Like how you work together, who pays for what etc. I would really be interested in that x

  12. Angelika Nulud

    omg cinzia! what lipgloss are you wearing??

  13. In Australia and NZ we have Lord of the Fries which is all vegan fast food and it is 100% so good. They even do vegan corn dogs, hot dogs, chicken, burgers, ice cream. The bessssst

  14. Caitlin Griffiths

    The only vegan food costa have is that cookie and a tomato soup. They are way behind other cafe chains. For more options, i would recommend Starbucks (who have 3 vegan cakes as well as other food options such as vegan mac and cheese, a breakfast wrap and porridge) or cafe Nero (who have several lunch options of which I would highly recommend the toastie!), pret also has lots of options or even local cafes xx

  15. top tip for burger king since you both eat fish again! getting the fish sandwich and having it made like the whopper (lettuce/tomato/pickles/onion) with no mayo or tatar sauce or cheese. it’s delish

  16. McDonald's hash browns and fries are NOT vegan cinzia. They use natural beef flavor which contains hydrolyzed wheat and hydrolyzed milk. Please do your research so you aren't misled.

  17. I used to work at McDonald’s and the reason your not aloud to say is just in case they tell you them it’s fine and it’s not you are liable to be sued it sucks but usually they know but just legally not aloud to say xx

  18. Wish they had the McDonald’s vegan choices in the US!

  19. Lydia Cunniffe

    Five guys veggie sandwich is amaaazing, you should definitely try it

  20. coke is 'spicy' and Pepsi is sweet

  21. I think you were looking at the US vegan KFC list online, the UK has more options and doesn’t have green beans 🙂

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