vegan fast food review!!

Hey!!! In todays video I decided to try vegan fast food because I have seen a lot of new options being added to menus! I respect vegans and their choices so I …


  1. Im sorry guys I found out that the beyond burger isnt vegan if you get mayo on it so ask for no mayo or cheese and you'll be good! Also, I didnt know that the cinnamon shortbread syrup has milk in it so im so sorry about that. The clear syrups such as vanilla and peppermint are vegan so you can sub for those!
    Im really sorry again!

  2. fire sauce is not vegan

  3. your thank u…u too is so sweet and nice ^_^

  4. If anyone wants to know my favorite tips for eating vegan at taco bell (I'm an employee there) the video is on my channel!

  5. The shortbread syrup isn’t vegan.

  6. I’m vegan and in my Taco Bell Crunchwrap I get rice, black beans, guacamole, potatoes, onion, tomato, lettuce, so good!!

  7. Can you give me a shout out i told my class to sub and bell and my tik tok

  8. im hungry now..

  9. I love your attitude towards veganism! being vegan is the most compassionate and healthy way to live.for the animals for you and for the world. would love to see you become vegan. I switched. its so easy

  10. love the message sis. thank u from a vegan. everything helps xoxo

  11. Cinnamon shortbread isn’t vegan, there is dairy in the sauce

  12. Please do more ASMR?!?!

  13. Everything looks delicious omg

  14. I used to work at the habit. I agree with you on the veggie burger tasting weird. Wasn’t really a fan of it at all

  15. For all the vegans out there, all the sauces at starbucks aren’t vegan so for the cinnamon shortbread it has condensed milk

  16. I just found your channel and I absolutely love it!!

  17. omg that taco bell crunch wrap thingy look so good! need to try it next time i go there 🙂

  18. You could also try the green smoothie from Panera that is also vegan and it is so good like the peach blueberry❤️❤️

  19. love this video great idea

  20. The cinnamon shortbread drink is sooooo good! I got it iced tho. So I think it might be the soy milk that made it different

  21. hey love! as someone that’s a barista at starbucks, i thought i’d let you know that not every syrup/sauce is vegan. 🙁 unfortunately there is dairy (butter and milk) in the shortbread sauce that is used to make the cinnamon shortbread latte that you ordered in the video. generally, the clear syrups of the sort like vanilla and hazelnut and peppermint are vegan but some other sauces like pumpkin spice, white chocolate mocha, caramel brulee do contain dairy. i just thought i’d let you know for future reference if you try to go dairy free at starbucks again! ❤️❤️

  22. I just started a food review series with my Doodle, Dexter. Would love for you all to head over and check it out!

  23. Love your jacket ❤️

  24. My meatless heart is full ❤️

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