3 non-vegans try Vegan fast food. This shall be interesting. Young Poudii P LETS GET THIS TO 15000 LIKES TO SEE ME EAT PORK ON A MUKBANG!


  1. Went to the cashier and pulled up on her wit a ….BOW

  2. That and if he get 20,000 he gonna eat my d…part had me dying

  3. I think the fries are air fried

  4. what's with poudi and pork? he can't eat it?

  5. yo i used to think poudii was corny as shit. but after i figured out his personality he's actually funny as shit lol

  6. Black Discliples

    800k, gonna get that milli soon

  7. im Filipino and tha way he says “adobo” lmfaooo. ITS LIKE ADOE-BO

  8. Mystic Phoenix - Mobile Gaming

    The one on the left dumb asf

  9. ya'll need to taste the real adobo here in Philippines bro

  10. Greetings from Philippines!!

  11. Oh i didn't recognize Dc the Don

  12. My guy DC

  13. Y’all boys double dipping

  14. Need to workout everyday

  15. If You Work out you can eat anything

  16. That Proves my point anything & be big

  17. How you that big & Vegetarian??

  18. Lmao Charc is my mood.

  19. Nah bro don’t break ur streak

  20. Charc getting me mad spitting everything out! Eat sum dude lol


  22. How tall is that nigga Dc

  23. Welp guys 20k likes let’s goooo‼️‼️‼️‼️

  24. Randi Nicolajsen

    Charc seems so high lmao

  25. if he don't eat that pork i'm throwing hands

  26. Anyone catch all the double dipping that was going on..?

  27. Wait do these comments contain animal products??

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