Here’s some vegan options at common fast food restaurants in America including Starbucks, Jamba Juice, McDonalds, & Burger King! I hope this helps you guys …


  1. Thank you so much

  2. MC Donald's bagel plain and apple pies are vegan

  3. the apple pie in mc donald's is vegan!

  4. thank you! i love the french toast sticks and hash browns@ bk.

  5. I find these super helpful, a series of them would be awesome! New subscriber :)

  6. New subscriber here! YES make it a series!

  7. bloobs lol

  8. This is so helpful! This week for Thanksgiving I'm going on a road trip for the first time as a pescatarian (I know that's not as committed and limited as being vegan of course, but fast food fish is a no-go for me). I'm planning on packing some food to take with me, but I'm a noob and sometimes still just want to be able to eat with the rest of my family. I'd love to see more fast food vegan videos!

  9. Wait but, what if they use the same oil for the hash browns for the like chicken nuggets?

  10. C “Big2Nut” Antonio

    make it a series please

  11. Love this video thank you!!

  12. this is really chill. subbed√√√

  13. Taco Bell has a lot of vegan options too!

  14. honey your eyebrows need help I'm so sorry

  15. Awesome! By the way pumpkin spice at Starbucks contains dairy. All of them

  16. "Which is stupid" hahahah

  17. Whaaaat how did I not know about the BK french toast sticks

  18. Ohmygosh, girl, glad I found you! Thanks!

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