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  1. "the world is your oyster" omg

  2. What a lovely disquisition on the values of nutritional yeast…you don't have to convince me! I'm down with the nooch 😉

  3. Which Vitamix do you use???

  4. Jerome Kendrick Jr.

    literally in love with your cooking style. so minimal but still very chic!

  5. Okay.. HOLD UP WOMAN!! I love me some custard. Looks yummy in my tum tum. I love your little turned up tea pinky at the end! What a woman. I love you to pieces.

  6. So clever Lauren!!! can't wait to make this for Christmas!

  7. Who remembers the penny candy jam toast on Lauren's what I ate in a day

  8. Looks great. Any substitution for coconut? Allergic to coconut 🙁

  9. 1:17 doesnt it kinda sound like trump hahaha

  10. I ordered your cook book months ago but being a grad student makes it hard to find time to look into it. But your other recipes like "Perfect Tofu Scramble" and "Vegetable Lentil Curry" makes meal prep super easy. I can't wait until summer rolls in!

  11. We have tea with everything 🙂

  12. HAHAHA that nooch shirt

  13. Lauren this looks soooo good!!!

  14. Needs a little booze.

  15. You make my vegan life easier!

  16. As a Scottish person, I'm still concerned by how English and British are used interchangeably. Just pick one, they aren't the same thing. It's like saying that hamburgers are Mexican because Mexico is in north America.

  17. That looks so good! Who is the noochgod? Can you give me his youtube link?

  18. make cake pops out of those scraps!

  19. Pineapple Fried rice

    I’m about to buy your book, Lauren! Thank you for all of the amazing recipes!!

  20. I just wish this wasn't a clickbait to get the book. I love you guys's recipes and want to support you but I also don't like that the channel is turning into a huge advertisement for the book. There hasn't been as much of the old content I loved watching. It's all been mostly promotional videos.

  21. Ohh yaaaas. Looks so beautiful

  22. what is making me happy right now – you, your shirt, the music, and that heavenly English trifle!

  23. Love Josephs channel! I have the Soak D shirt!

  24. Bárbara Martínez

    I really like how confident you are! <3

  25. I'm so happy you exist, Lauren Toyota


  27. #asklauren. Can you make a custard pie vegan????

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