Don’t miss a brand new episode of RECIPE?! The popular series by hot for food that shows every step of how a recipe develops from idea to delicious … but this time it’s LIVE! #hotforfood…


  1. I love these recipe live things! Even though I never actually see them live I still watch the whole thing haha. New kitchen's looking good Lauren, looking forward to whatever you're gonna come up with next!

  2. LOVE these!!!

  3. You doing a mukbang would be classic!!! Check out Mommy Tang…a collaboration with you two would be epic!

  4. Makes me think of kabocha tempura!!!! Honestly if I go to a restaurant and order tempura and they don't have it it makes me sad lol

  5. Marmite > vegemite

  6. i dont know if you made it but you should do pad thai!!:-))) loveee your channel

  7. I look at at all that food trash and think of amazing compost. Garbage bowls make the best black gold soil.

  8. We of course will be patient during your transition, but you definitely need a better place to shoot cooking vids.

  9. Your cameramen (Alex?) is the best!


  11. I prefer marmite over vegemite! Here in New Zealand we eat marmite on toast w lots of butter!! It gets all melty and delish. Also here we put marmite into our homemade gravys. So delish aswell!!!

  12. Tofu is bad for me as I just found out I have a soy allergy. Which as a vegan SUCKS.

  13. I watched you eat this on Instagram live!! Thanks for letting us in. The noodle dish looks AMAZING. Love you!! <3

  14. Love ur book. Made the Philly cheesesteak tonight for dinner and it is to die for. Never stop doing what u do.

  15. I got my cookbook finally! I am so excited I have been following you for 5 YEARS!

  16. Healthy Aspirations

    I feel like a different pan would’ve worked better for this dish

  17. What's the difference between the kabocha pumkin and others?

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