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Today on Food For Louis I cooked Vegan Chilli. Please suggest new dishes and give me advice in the comments below! Please Subscribe and hit that …


  1. if you wanted an easier and quicker way to chop up your vegetables than you can always use a cheese grater and grate them instead of chopping them.

  2. haha omg Louis you gotta crush the vegetable stock before you put it in! hahahaha

  3. So funny!

  4. So happy you've gone vegan

  5. sharp lid smooth can, then you can paint them and use them as plant pots!

  6. Try a food processor to finely chop things! itll chop it quite small but you pulse it in the processor for a few seconds, its especially good for getting really fine onion and beans in black bean burgers

  7. look at all the meat-eaters little hearts offended clicking those dislikes smh. Louis i'm loving this!!! <3

  8. I wanted to help you so badly!!!!!! Your cute Louie, messy but Super cute

  9. smash the garlic w the side of your knife 🙂 no need for peeling

  10. Can relate to the struggle of chopping veggies haha! There are definitely much easier ways to chop onions, garlic and pretty much everything you cooked. Search some tutorials on youtube man, will save you so much time when cooking

  11. I thought this would be a show of you gracefully and professionally showing us recipes and how to make the meal.
    I've been disappointed in the best way possible lmao.
    Loved this!

  12. TheMatron'sMilitia

    Slap chop

  13. This was so fucking funny, I look forward to seeing the rest of the journey.

  14. There is a machiene its called nicer dicer it chops everything in perfekt little squares .

  15. Student meals!

  16. Student meals!

  17. could you please cook some Thai food?

  18. Francis Darracott

    Quality video!!!
    I was cracking up

  19. Good lord Louis you're so inept in the kitchen! Maybe next time I should oversea things as you are just dangerous.

  20. I love it!

  21. Mary's Test Kitchen

    Slap chop!


    I love it!

  23. keep em coming mate

  24. Use TVP (textured vegetable protein) – soak in water / veg bouillon, heat / boil for a bit / microwave a little; or, make your own veg-balls w/ vital wheat gluten (plus herbs + spices, salt, …) – look up recipes (vegan meatballs) and experiement; I simmer mine for 1h for extra tender and yummy! You can also mix in soft cooked lentils, for extra protein.

  25. Vegan cheeze sauce: (start w/ less, add more) water + cashews + nutritional yeast + spices (add once main sauce is done, to experiment and not waste) + tapioca starch/flour (if you want to have it stringy) – blend, then transfer to (silicone) cup, microwave 1 minute, stir, repeat, until you have the consistency you want (add more water and stir if it gets too thick – be patient, don’t heat too quickly, take your time stirring in-between!). Enjoy!

  26. Don’t worry, Louis, read the comments w/ tips – it’s a learning journey! Btw: food processor and good electric can opener FTW! Keep learning, keep practicing, keep cooking!

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