it’s the best vegan chicken noodle soup ever and it’s so easy to whip up. Done in 30 minutes, in 1 pot! GET THE RECIPE HERE: I found …


  1. Your soup looks amazing! I've been wanting to make a warm and comforting soup to deal with the cold days. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. "At the bottom…that's where flavour town is". Love it! Happy New Year Lauren and John!! Wishing you all the best of success in 2017. Where do you purchase vegan chicken? I live in Ottawa.

  3. I love it!!! Before I was vegan I eat chicken soup when I was sick and I needed this vegan version. I was sick during Christmas time and I needed this! Now I have it !!! I am going to make it 🙂 Thanks !!!!!

  4. This is my first time watching these videos. What's the vegan chicken made of?

  5. Plantifully Based

    I need this more than ever right now. I think I will have to make it tomorrow and that chick'n looks so good

  6. I would so so make this, but with a lil twist of changing the fettuccine to rice noodles!
    -love from Malaysia

  7. OMG just made this the other night and it was so delicious and simple!!! This is definitely a staple dish in my life now – can't wait for your cookbook!

  8. i'm not vegan anymore but i've made this soup twice in the past and it's the only "chicken" noodle soup i make!! it tastes authentic and if you were ever unsure about making it, i recommend it 100%~

  9. Looks so yum! Will def be making this soon, I only need to buy like two ingredients.

  10. Love you Lauren!!.. Can't wait for your cookbook!

  11. Vegan chicken stock OMGGGGGAAAAA what kind of sorcery is this

  12. yummmmmm I love soup! it's very hot and sunny here, it's horrible. our air conditioner is broken and it's 30 degrees inside our house most days!! :(

  13. Best news I've heard this year…so far…
    Every week Wednesday's in 2017,
    Hot For Food!!

  14. Looks yummy, gonna make it.

  15. Yum! This looks so tasty. Would LOVE to see a broccoli cheese soup.

  16. could I make this in a slow cooker

  17. This looks amazing, but I really hate this specific chicken's aftertaste T.T I can never seem to find mock meats that don't have a strange aftertaste for me.


  19. I was wondering what chicken product you use? I made something similar, a little less soupy because my boyfriend says soup isn't food, but anyway I used soy curls and the seemed over cooked. Do you have any suggestions on which products have a better texture? Or how to keep the soy curls from getting mushy? Thanks for the videos I love watching!

  20. I made this last night for my carnivorous soup-loving boyfriend and he got seconds and even slurped up the remaining liquid in my bowl! #helovedit #nonveganswillenjoythis

  21. watching your videos always make me so hungry

  22. This looks great! Has anyone tried making it? Please tell me how it came out for you.

  23. im soo sick n this looks good!!! Im seriously very sick tho :/

  24. Even though im in 30 degree summer in Sydney, I'm making this for dinner

  25. I make this all the time!! 🙂 love that you made your recipe into a video♡

  26. I remember i found your channel because i went vegetarian and i was craving soup

  27. I love making (not) chicken noodle soup! Although I must say, I've made it before with the tofurkey slow roasted chicken and i'm not a huge fan. I personally like the Yves chicken better, or tofu.

  28. Someone needs to point out to Guy Fieri that flavortown is actually at the bottom of the HFF stockpot… he seems to have gotten lost in some pretty gross places looking for it.


  30. Could you make a vegan quiche? Please. I haven't seen anyone make one yet unless it's in your blog.

  31. I'm in love

  32. Jillian Strommen

    I'm literally drooling. I want this without noodles & with some yummy dumplings on top.

  33. AlwaysEating Death

    I love this recipe, I make it so much, it's great!

  34. Why doesn't anyone like winter .I'm surprised it's still snowing in some places.GLOBAL WARMING.

  35. Sonja Hoyt: The Happy Travel Bug

    I'm making this tomorrow!!!

  36. stephanie santos

    my boyfriend is sick and apparently has never heard of chicken noodle soup (british people help me out, is that not a thing over there?) but i sent him this link and he was like "Lauren knows what's up"

  37. I really like how the camera slightly moves – personal home video feels…

  38. take me to flavortown

  39. Avinash Dev Beejan (Avi)

    Perfect timing since I'm feeling a little sick… Amazing video as always!

  40. This is the vegan chicken soup from your WIAIAD ep 9!

  41. I just made this today. Wasn't a fan of the tofurkey but the stock and vegetables were delicious!!!

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