Vegan Camping Recipes ⛺️(Full Day of Eating)

Here are 3 easy + vegan recipes that would be perfect for a day of camping! Four Sigmatic’s Annual Summer Better Sale is happening from 6/18-6/23! Get up to …


  1. Love the camping cooking ideas! Please share your cute cookware and did the mug come from Four Sigmatic too?

  2. Yeeesss! More camping stuff please 🙂

  3. Milcah Gurshumova

    Videos always on point! Does anybody know what nonstick pan Caitlin’s been using lately? It’s so pretty lol

  4. great recipies BUT we who do real camping do not have space for something to cool them so more recipies for food that can make it in the sun!

  5. Where did you get the cute enamel cup and bowls and such?

  6. Hey Caitlin! So I have a serious request, I just moved to Portland a week ago and I just want to know how you adjusted to living in a completely new city? Granted you had some friends with you, but I moved here totally on my own and not knowing anyone here because I wanted a fresh start. But now I’m inevitably experiencing not having any people to hang out with and I feel like I don’t know where to go from here. I’m really similar to you in the sense that I’m pretty introverted and shy at first so the thought of putting myself into social situations in order to meet people honestly terrifies me. But anyway my request is for yo I to make a video about your experience moving out here and how you adjusted and got to know people and get comfortable? Did you also have a somewhat lonely transition period or was it a breeze for you? Please share your experience!! Low key hoping I run into somewhere not to be creepy lol

  7. where did you get that cool fork/spoon/knife little thing?

  8. Blendologia UK Channel

    Amazing 😉

  9. MollyAnne Briegel

    What can I use in place of the mustard? Im allergic, loved the video.

  10. Yes! More camping

  11. Your mug&pot with mushrooms are adorable!

  12. Could you use firm tofu for the mayonnaise?

  13. Why so much gluten..? All grains have gluten otherwise they would not germinate and sprout.. All soy grown in the USA is GMO today. Soy is engineered to e Roundup ready. (means it is sprayed with a proven carcinogenic poison… Monsanto lost a $285 million suit) . Why use gluten pasta when spirulized zucchini for a healthy meal. What about foraging for part of the meal when you are out in mother nature..?

  14. LifewithLindsey

    love this!!!! That pasta looks SOOO GOOD

  15. Where did you get those utensils

  16. Érika Plante-Jean

    Waw! This video was exactly what I was looking for the last few days! And I already liked your channel!

  17. love you and all your videos!!!

  18. I like these ideas, but would love to see some camping food that you can cook over the campfire, as I am old school and don't like to purchase a portable grill. Thank you!

  19. YESSS!! I’ve been waiting for this video! Just hoping it would come. 🙂

  20. More camping and road trip meals please!


  22. I want to go camping but 🙁
    I can’t

  23. Can you provide a link to the pan you use? I'm trying to find a good pan that I can cook pancakes in without oil!

  24. Camping for me: smores, pizza rolls, pretzles, beer

  25. ナポリたん.

    Eberything about you is so aesthetic even your name is

  26. okay so now I want to camp. who's going with me? 😀

  27. infinityashley xx

    So so helpful! Thank you so much for this!! Please do more traveling videos like this! Very very helpful

  28. Hummus, raisins and mayo ALL LIVE TOGETHER, under THE SAME SALAD-ROOF?!??

  29. This is AMAZING and just in time, since I am going camping tomorrow. 😀 I will definitely prep this recipes! Thank you so much, love ya! <3 🙂

  30. I'm definitely trying that chickpea salad! I always make mock tuna sandwiches, I need to change it up!

  31. I have the same mug. I got mine at Powell's

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