Today we are making vegan breakfast sandwiches! Whether you like sweet or savoury breakfasts, there is a sandwich for you! Thanks so much for all your love …


  1. Liv's Healthy Life

    Oops I meant to say black SALT makes it taste more like eggs, not black pepper. Thank you to everyone for pointing that out!! <3

  2. I'm not vegan, but I love plant based recipes. Is there any reason why almond butter is so popular in vegan recipes? I prefer peanut butter but almond butter seems to be used more.

  3. I feel for you when you keep having to put a label: "vegan" on all obviously vegan food alternatives. This is a vegan channel, wouldn't people get the memo by now lol?? Regardless, your meals all look tasty and this is no exception!

  4. Love the ideas! they all look amazing! glad i found your channel<3

  5. Kendra veganbombshell

    almond butter on toast with banana or apple slices is my fave breakfast! I agree that often my favorite things to eat are ridiculously simple!

  6. avocado princess

    you guys should do a "chopped" style competition!

  7. Morgan Elizabeth

    I love how simple and easy all of your dishes are!! Definitely going to make these!

  8. Yum. Brilliant cooking battle idea!

  9. Which vegan cheese did you use?

  10. best video eveer!!

  11. What vegan cheese brand did you use? I haven't had much luck with them melting. Is it Chao? Great video!!

  12. I loveeee your channel! I'm so excited for your "battle" video idea! And my favorite sandwich that I will definitely try out was the tofu one(:

  13. They all look so amazing! Absolutely gonna try these out xx

  14. why is your skin so shiny :@@@ cant wait for the cookoff !

  15. i know hotforfood does challenge videos like that. it would be super cool for you to do that type of thing too with bri or pav even! ps the tofu sandwich looks hella good, def gonna try that! i might even make like a coating with flour and nooch to give it even more of an eggy flavour 🙂

  16. Tofu doesn't taste anything like eggs.. even with pepper … and vegan cheese is so gross I haven't found a good brand yet :'(

  17. It would be great if the battles could be based on typical non-vegan meals, so that the battle is to create two different vegan interpretations. This would be especially helpful for those who are transitioning into being vegan.

  18. You should do this with other vegan youtubers. 1) It's a more equal playing field because they're familiar with vegan versions of meals and ingredients. And 2) you can grow your channel by exposing yourself to their audience.

  19. Hannah Charlebois

    Make a vegan pizza dough please !!!

  20. could you please make the Poutine's recipe in a vegan way ? Cause I never tried it and I would like to. Thank's !

  21. could you please make the Poutine's recipe in a vegan way ? Cause I never tried it and I would like to. Thank's !

  22. i love that you taste them at the end! (:

  23. Because I'm greedy af I'm putting almond butter on both sides lol. #2 i need to try I usually just do avocado on toast but the sweet potato is a great addition. Nice video, so creative.

  24. OMG they all have me drooling

  25. Steven Merlino

    What brand for the english muffins did you use?

  26. Maybe it's a British thing but I find it really mind boggling when she says biscuit? Like that's a thing you dunk in your tea innit?

  27. what brand of english muffin do you use? I've been trying to find vegan ones at the store

  28. Madalena Pedroso

    I can't wait for the cooking competition! Btw Liv, what lenses did you use to film yourself here (/what lenses have you been using recently because it looks soooooooo good!) ?

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