Thanks for watching! I hope you enjoy these vegan breakfast recipes for the weekend! As always, recipes, song info and all other relevant information is below.


  1. I love how you actually use spices in your food instead of pain old salt and pepper. I have yet to try any of your recipes but they really look so delicious!!! It makes it more enticing to go plant based.

  2. Love your videos! And please, PLEASE find out what remix of cashmere cat that is in the intro!


  4. I am not vegan but I absolutely love your channel. Btw your hair looks amazing.

  5. I love Canadian vegan bloggers! Thanks so much for your recipes :)

  6. nice!

  7. can you please do a "go grocery shopping with me" I don't know something like that. to shop for basic essentials for vegans. I think that would be great

  8. Your dark hair looks gorgeous!! And every recipe I've tried of yours I've loved, so I'm definitely going to try these!

  9. Thank you for helping my lazy vegan self with having new recipes!

  10. I love your rings!

  11. Your aesthetic is gorgeousssss

  12. I made these pancakes yesterday and they were so good! I am making them again today.

  13. OMG I love you…and I love breakfast. And cookie dough is my guilty pleasure. I am definitely making this soon and will let you know how it goes!!!! I tried your choclare cake in a mug recipe….awesome!

  14. I'm so glad I subbed u

  15. Girl I'm so trying the hash right now!!!!!

  16. My daughter (11yo) and i are following you it's been almost 6mos now and you have changed our perception on food, healthy can be easy! She doesn't consider going vegan yet but she saves your recipes & wants us to start doing them, which is already a huge step! So thanks a million times, much love from France !

  17. I thought you weren't suppose to consume raw flour?

  18. Woe did u color ur hair??? It suits u

  19. Fitness With Cait

    I always love your recipes!!!

  20. I love how accessible your recipes are!!

  21. These look amazing! I've never tried tofu scramble I need to!

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  23. i just made the tofu scramble for breakfast, used normal tofu tho, but its still reaaaally yummy! thanks Liv! :)

  24. Absolutely obsessed with your channel

  25. made the pancakes today and they were soooo yummy!! I got all my roommates hooked now :))

  26. Megan McKinney-Faller

    loving ur hair! thanks for the great recipes

  27. Those potatoes look SO good O_O

  28. can you make a video with the basic staples that you use all the time in your pantry?


  30. Love love love your recipes!!

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