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  1. All of the recipes look delicious. I'm almost caught up with my videos but then I get behind again. Today is tax day April 15th and I'm a little bit bothered that I heard on the morning show that Retin-A is toxic for the skin and then I happened across this YouTube video where the speaker said that Retin-A destroys your DNA. Please comfort me dr. Dre and tell me which videos of yours to go back and watch. I can't grasp this concept in the only thing I've tried thus far is the differin. I know this is not so so say it's not so Dr.Dre please please please because I want to get tretinoin knowing when I'm out of the adapalene. I feel like I've noticed an improvement in my skin. Thank you for a response because I want to look even better and I hope you have a great evening.

  2. Cynthia Campbell

    Dr Dray have you tried the new version of the adoptogen coffee and what is the difference it now has ashwaganda instead of the astragalus?

  3. I know this is off topic but your hair colour is so pretty! I admire it every video, haha

  4. Hi! These recipes look delicious. I'm not vegan but I like several recipes that are. On the other hand, I would not be able to eat this for breakfast….. I am in love with my toast and peanut butter with bananas….lol! I love all the ingredients and spices and I regularly eat quinoa with lots of vegetables. For me it's a dish I eat for dinner. I also freeze my bananas, I have a classic Yonanas frozen dessert maker Very nice video concept for recipes!

  5. Woah ive never seen someone just straight up cut the avocado seed in half like that. Im really impressed haha

  6. Silken tofu makes the best scramble.

  7. Any substitute for the coconut powder? I love the smell of coconut, but not so much the taste. Great recipes, ty!

  8. Do you only consume Four Stigmatic for taste or for health benefits?

  9. Could you please review the Neutrogena Rapid Clear 2-in-1 Fight & Fade Toner? I’ve heard really great things about it, but I’ve also heard that the alcohol content is high. I would really appreciate your input!

  10. Hi can you pleaseeeee review the The Vitamin Shoppe Alpha Lipoic Beauty Creme

  11. Dr dre a quick question can you use benzyol peroxide in the morning and sulfur at night ? Like de la cruz sulfur oitment ?

  12. this vid made my day right in time for bed

  13. I love the 4 Siggy coffee. I have found it to be smoother than regular coffee, and less acidic.

  14. Recipes look yummy and easy to prepare . Will definitely be trying them this weekend , but will substitute the matcha for hot cacao mix with cordyceps. For the smoothie and pudding.

  15. Hope to see more food videos from you!! ❤️❤️ love them.

  16. Can i use hada loba and la roche posay with mextroyl sunscreen at same time? Will these ingredients will be effective? Thanks

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