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  1. Can you share what pots and pans you use

  2. What do you think about how Dr Graham nearly killed Leah Branster with water fasting?

  3. I’m gonna try them all

  4. Baking powder is not really plant-based… neither is the bread. It’s made from a plant but it’s processed quite a bit…

  5. Love all your videos but why no taste test?

  6. Do you have an arroz con leche vegan recipe?

  7. No taste test? Just a smell test? Giiiirl

  8. Cassandra Desiree

    Omg yum

  9. Thanks!! New to this whole foods life! I will be trying the quiche and the muffins!

  10. You are so gorgeous.

  11. Harmonious Balance

    I love avocado toast ❤️

  12. Everything you make is great. I would eat any or all of those. You are awesome!!!

  13. Sarah Windmueller

    For the cranberry oatmeal, if I were putting in dried cranberries I’d cook them with the oats and rest of ingredients and probably not even add extra sugar because the dried cranberries already have a lot of sugar added to them. Or, I would cook fresh or frozen cranberries on top of the stove first with some sugar maybe orange zest and the juice and then cook the oats. Make the cranberries like a cranberry sauce. Or even prep that cranberry sauce/mix a head of time refrigerate or freeze then when it came time for eating cranberry oatmeal I’d take out the cranberry sauce, reheat that and cook the oatmeal and otter ingredients.

  14. Sarah Windmueller

    Hi Yovana!! Mmm. That cranberry oatmeal looks amazing! I think that the cranberry oatmeal would be good with some pecans on tops. I love putting nuts and seeds on top of oatmeal. I also love avocado so much. Avocados are the best and have amazing benefits for your skin!! Great source of Vitamin E! The avocado toast looks so good. I never thought about eating pears on top of avocado toast but that actually would be amazing to try! I love arugals so I’d put arugala on mine. Another thing sourdough bread is actually better for you than regular wheat bread. Eating sourdough makes me less bloated than the regular whole wheat bread. All these recipes look so delicious!! Yay! Yovana thank you for sharing I just want to say too that I really love your shirt!!

  15. Am I the only one that smashes the avocado on the bread? XD

  16. Did you coat the molds with oil?

  17. Thank you for putting the measurements!!!!! It's really helpful

  18. I will be making the avocado toast soon!

  19. Krista Noelle Barril

    The avocado and pear toast looks interesting! I’ve never thought of adding pear to toast before! Very refreshing idea!

  20. Yes, I do, that is all I want to do, eat in bed! LOL

  21. Hey Rawvana, just curious, how come you haven't activated Channel Memberships yet? My channel is way too small yet, but I'll bet yours qualifies for sure!

  22. I’m always on the fence about sourdough bread. I’ve heard before what you said about it, but I also don’t want to eat white flour.

  23. I love all your recipe videos. We usually have all the ingredients already. We're going to make the apple muffins now.

  24. Yummy
    first time I am so early

  25. So tasty definitely going to try this out…! Yum.You are also really good

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