5 healthy easy vegan breakfast ideas. Sweet and savory breakfast for those who complain about my sweet tooth RECIPES Quinoa porridge…


  1. شو بتنصحين بديل عن الشوفان لأنو ما اقدر آكلوا؟

  2. It was definitely the type of tortilla

  3. crystal parangueo

    hello I just discovered your videos and I love them, I hope you can share with us a little bit of yoga what you do, a greeting and a big hug from Mexico

  4. Can the recipes with dates be made with medjool dates if I don't have sukkari dates?

  5. Just discovered your channel and I love it!! Also love the music in your videos 🙂 Love from Germany <3

  6. I love the hot and cold thing together! Sometimes I make Indian pudding for breakfast which is cornmeal based with plant milk molasses spices and just a teaspoon of vegan butter and they eat that hot with either coconut cream cocowhip or OMG so delicious cashew milk ice cream! I usually don't like a sweet breakfast but every now and then I do! Always blame the wrap it was cracked in the beginning or it was too dry or it was too thick always blame the wrap! Hahaha!

  7. I absolutely love your videos! I have pretty much watched all of them in the span of three days and it really shows the amount of work and creativity you put into these videos. plus it is nice to see what a vegan in Saudi Arabia eats.

  8. You're so intuned with your food. The little things you do just make so much sense lol. I love watching your videos !

  9. Omg, I’ve honestly watched a lot of vegan channels but the food you make look the tastiest!! Imagine a restaurant with all that perfect looking nd healthy food you make woooah

  10. What are those tiny white balls that you added to your cheesecake jar?

  11. Might have to use 2.

  12. lol that looks yummy as all get out <3 too much filling in the wrap. I do it ALL the time & just eat as I would a taco <3

  13. أفكارك جميييلة و مبدعة. بس عندي ملاحظة مرات ما تكتبين ايش استخدمتي 🙁

  14. You couldn't roll the burrito because it was too stuffed. A simple tip is just put less in it and voila it will roll simply

  15. Mark lucero Silos

    Good cooking

  16. بس تعرفين لو تعدين الطبخات السعوديه بشكل أصح بيكون شيء ممتاز و بتفيدين الناس بزياده. موفقه ان شاء الله

  17. can't wait to try the cheesecake in a jar!

  18. can I know how old are you now? and since when did you started to become vegan ?

  19. I have just discovered your gem of a channel and have fallen in love! Its so refreshing to see some diversity! Lots of love!

  20. I am keeping Loving it sooooooo much n bzw u look so cute with those eye glass. I was trying Bates method to drop my eye glass for good n am hving a hard time getting done. I don't know maybe u gave me 1 more thing to reconsider in less 48 hours period. Hmmmmm what a day before new years eve? !

  21. Is the Bragg nutritional yeast vegan? Because it only reads "vegetarian" and since I hear some nutritional yeasts are made up of whey, this kind of worries me.

  22. What were those tiny white balls you put in the cheesecake? 🙂

  23. From where did u get the nutritional yeast in riyadh?

  24. The avocado killed me. I feel like you're amazing in person (not that you're not through the screen)

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