Thanks so much for watching this Vegan Breakfast Meal Ideas Video featuring SOURSOP SMOOTHIE, fried breadfruit, banana porridge, and other Caribbean …


  1. Jacqueline Ennis-Hines

    One thing I don’t like about your videos can not hear your voice, it Will be better if we could hear your voice talking how to make the meals .

  2. You did the pumpkin porridge….
    bet you loved it 🙂

  3. Amazing!! Jah bless

  4. Ok Queen tnks for replying bless up yourself

  5. This looks great

  6. Dr sebi has a good diet but it can get better. Onions and garlic or chives are all negative peanic foods that I try to watch with consumption. Sometimes i cant help eating a giant tub of hummus though

  7. you deserve all the goof comments you get and thx for the vid even if im not specifically following a alkaline diet more a whole plant foofs one in general wich is kinda scientifically proven or at least has a lot of evidence (even tho the alkaline diet is mostly whole plant foods if im not mistaken , the normal one does not exclude any other whole plant foods)

  8. Maria Costa Bittencourt

    ♡♡ we have this fruit here in Brazil and we call it exactly by the same name!! (Fruta pão – bread fruit)

  9. I love that porridge idea ❓ thou could i just blend the banana instead and also the pumpkin r the reason you bake it is for the difference in taste let me kw pls cuz mi luv porridge but never try with pumpkin yet k and i love the big up you did at the begining gawn gal yu nu stop madd mi wid u food✌

  10. That porridge looked sooo good and the fritatas

  11. Nice video……
    Love the food

  12. Cool my nationality is Haiti we fry plantains too

  13. Love the look of the porridge,yes breadfruit mi want it..Looks good

  14. I like this video because of the shootout in the intro ! Love you girl <3

  15. CopperColoredLifestyle94

    Maybe if I BAKE the chickpea flour it won’t be a mess… fry it they say… Lol. Everything looks amazing!!! Thanks!!!

  16. Very nice! For juice you add agave and which other ingredient please?

  17. What kind of drink was that at the end of your video?

  18. Gee, idk. Those bananas weren't ripe! I think that would give me a bellyache.

  19. AMAZING! what’s the instrumental your use in this video? it’s so therapeutic! ✨

  20. The Vegan Jamaican

    Hey guys hope you enjoyed this one! What I Eat In A Day videos coming soon! Love you guys! <333 As usual I forget to say a million things when doing voice over for video lol
    1. Banana porridge literally takes like 5-10 mins to cook, if you don't have a high speed blender grating it is also quick It just looked slow because I was filming. Roasting the pumpkin took the longest but it's not necessary to bake. So it's a quick meal I know you're all busy working individuals 😉
    2. SOURSOP smoothie can also be had with spices like vanilla, nutmeg, cinnamon
    3. Salt is usually added to fried breadfruit, always optional
    4. That was onion powder I added to chickpea mix not coriander
    Ok that's it. For now. 🙂

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